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5 Spots Where You Can Place Your Washing Machine at Home

We confess some of these suggestions are… unconventional. But hey, they work!

washing machine at home configuration
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No doubt, washing machines are useful appliances, but unfortunately, they also tend to take up a fair bit of square footage – and that’s a luxury not everyone can afford, especially if they live in a compact home with multiple occupants. So, is there a solution?

Well, for a start, you can continue scrolling as we show you some practical locations (and some not-so-conventional ones) where you can place your washing machine at home!

In the service yard

Hougang Avenue 1 by Des & Co Interior
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View this project by Des & Co Interior

Placing your washing machine in the service yard is the safest option, not because everyone does it, but because doing so will allow you to utilise space more efficiently. Otherwise, what else are you going to do with a service yard?

Also, there’s more than one way to configure the placement of your washer-dryer combo: Aside from stacking both units, you can place them side-by-side or facing each other as well.

Punggol Field by U-Home Interior Design
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View this project by U-Home Interior Design

Depending on factors such as the configuration of surrounding storage built-ins and personal preference, some of these washer-dryer placements might work better in your home than the rest.

For instance, if there’s a view in your kitchen that you’d like to maximise, having both your laundry units placed on the ground might work better as they won’t end up obstructing the flow of natural light and air coming in from the outside.

Bidadari Park Drive by E&S
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View this project by E&S

Underneath a kitchen counter

Thomson Three by ARK-hitecture
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View this project by ARK-hitecture

Having washer and/or dryer units installed underneath a kitchen counter is a viable idea for small homes with tight areas.

On one hand, it reduces the footprint of these chunky appliances as they’d end up occupying only the same amount of space as a large cabinet would, and on the other, it trims down on the amount of visual bulk present in a narrow space, thus making it look sleeker and less cluttered.

Citylights by Swiss Interior Design
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View this project by Swiss Interior Design

At the balcony

Regent Residences by Design 4 Space
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View this project by Design 4 Space

Though it isn’t an area where most homeowners would choose to install their washing machines, sometimes the balcony is the only viable spot to have one.

In smaller condominium apartments, the service yard might be too narrow (or there might not even be one), which leaves the balcony as the next best location to have a laundry area. The up side? Your clothes might end up drying faster due to the breeze, and even if they don’t, at least there’s a view to enjoy while you wait.

In the bathroom

Upper Serangoon Crescent by Inizio Atelier
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View this project by Inizio Atelier

Seeing as to how small apartment bathrooms can be in Singapore, it’s no wonder that there aren’t many homeowners who choose to have their washer-dryer units placed in their loos.

If you’re thinking about exploring this set-up, the good news is that it works, but the bad news is that you’ll probably need to remove the shower area in one of your bathrooms (which actually might not be a piece of bad news, if you see yourself needing only one shower at home).

Upper Serangoon Crescent by Inizio Atelier
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By doing away with their common bathroom’s shower, the owners of this 3-room HDB flat were able to fit a washer-dryer combo in their loo.

Alternatively, if you don’t have plans to get a dryer or intend to place it elsewhere at home, you can still keep the shower in your common bathroom – all you have to do is have the washer installed beneath your sink instead.

Vacanza @ East by H Design
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View this project by H Design

Beside the living room

Bedok Reservoir by Ace Space Design
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View this project by Ace Space Design

Finally, it might seem a tad ridiculous to have a washing machine installed right beside your living room, but it’s an idea that’s feasible from a practical standpoint (though not necessarily from an aesthetic one).

If you own a resale HDB flat that has an adjoining balcony with existing plumbing and electrical points, this could be one of the best ways to maximise space at home, and also get your laundry done!

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