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5 Tried And Tested Table Styling Tricks At Home

September 27, 2016

Do you envy the gorgeous homes gracing the pages of a magazine? You can style up your home even without trying hard. See what are these easy decorating secrets you need to know. It would also benefit you when you are looking to sell or rent out your home. Because, presentation is key.

Make It Functional

There are numerous ways to spruce up a table but what makes a good décor is functionality. Throw in a tray to give more character to your common room which also serves as a functional tray for serving guests or using it to set aside the other décors on the table when space is needed.

Avoid purchasing a tray that is of the same shade as your table or one that would get lost in the whole composition – such as a mirrored tray on a glass table. Using lacquered or natural trays are a safe bet.

Table Styling At Home
Table Styling At Home

Image by i-Bridge

Add Life To Your Home

It is always a good idea to introduce flowers and plants into the house to add more life to the space. Using a potted plant as a décor for your table would create a focal point in your living and dining rooms as well as emanate warmth to the common area. There are latex options that resembles the real deal for those who aren’t very fond of constantly watering and caring for plants; they are also cheaper and easier to maintain.

Table Styling At Home

Image by Third Avenue Studio

Do take note that picking a potted plant is a little tricky. A beautiful tall potted plant as a centerpiece is undeniably captivating but it would also obstruct your view as you are socializing; but it does make a great statement as you walk into the space.

To keep it timeless and elegant, white flowers would be the better option but it is your space and if you want to add a dash of colour, go for it! Do take note that when adding a dash of colour, keep it to a minimum.

Table Styling At Home

Image by Schemacraft

Made For Entertainment (for coffee tables)

Books make a great coffee table accessory for days when your eyes need a break from technology; it also functions as a great icebreaker when you have guests over.

Pick three to four of your best books in various sizes – go with the ones that complements the theme of your space. Stack them up and top it off with a small accessory. (eg. magnifying glass, a seashell or a prized object).

Keep in mind that a coffee table is not a bookshelf so do avoid stacking up or displaying too many books.

Table Styling At Home

Image by The Scientist

Height & Ambience

Height in the styling world consists of décors that helps add a dramatic flair into the composition which can also frame the whole setting depending on how it’s positioned. These items could also double in function.

There are honestly a multitude of décors you could use such as geometrical textured vases or even an exquisite table display that you had acquired from one of your trips abroad. To prevent an overwhelming flush of décors, stick to the rule of only using between two to three tall displays.

Table Styling At Home

Image by Space Define Interior

These tall table décors come in the form of candlesticks and lanterns that varies in height for an added ambience when lit; it could also be used on both ends of a display to frame it. Other options would be Moroccan-inspired jars or artisan glass bottles that could be used to store cookies or other sweet treats.

Table Styling At Home

Image by Ansana

By The Nose

Scents being used as a décor, is commonly overlooked. Rather than purchasing an automatic air freshener, invest in a reputable brand of reed diffusers. Reed diffusers are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and they effortlessly blend in in any theme or setting! The best ones to use are in clear glass bottles for a refined and classic look.

Imagine being greeted by a lovely scent of earthy, flowery or citrusy tones while you enter your common areas, and these could even be displayed with the stack of books on the coffee table.

Table Styling At Home

Image by Dan's Workshop

Now, your home is instagram- and magazine-worthy without the high end designer price tag.

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