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5 Useful and Chic Lights to Get for a Better, Brighter Home

January 3, 2020 · Paid Partnership with Sol Luminaire

For clear sight at night, get good lights – like these ones!

They may be up there on the ceiling or placed out-of-reach on a wall, but there’s no doubt that lights are indispensable fixtures when it comes to homes (and also, style) because they play a vital role in how we view and experience our surroundings.

Aside from providing proper illumination indoors, lights are also essential for setting the mood of an interior, be it cosy, comfortable, classy or just about anything you wish. Hence, to help you find the right one(s), we’ve put together a list of 5 lamps that have both style and substance going for them – plus, examples of how they look like in real-life homes!

1. Isa

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While the idea of recessed lighting isn’t new, the Isa takes it one step further with a deeper adjustable housing unit. But why does this matter? Well, if you absolutely detest the glare of overhead lighting, the Isa’s design solves this issue as it provides direct illumination without the harshness.

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What makes the Isa a highly adaptable lighting fixture that fits in any interior concept is its recessed configuration that presents a consistent, yet refined ceiling profile.

2. Halo

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The Halo V2 Trimless – note the lack of noticeable edging around the recesses.

Getting its name from the soft ring of light that circles round its housing, the Halo is configurable as a recessed, surface-mounted or track attachment. However, what really differentiates it from its sister fixture is the option to have the Halo V2 (an updated version of the 2012 classic) installed sans trim – and that certainly makes for an even cleaner profile, which is perfect for minimalist interiors.

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The Halo Exposed (left) and Halo Track (right). Note the adjustable neck that allows for flexible rotation with a tilt angle of 90 degrees (surface-mounted) or 45 degrees (recessed).

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Because it is dimmable, the Halo is suitable for use as a mood light as well, particularly for areas where fine control over the amount of light allows different settings to be created (e.g. entryway displays).

3. Voli

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The Voli when surface mounted (left) and installed as a wall lamp (right).

If you’re looking for a lighting option to create a comforting and intimate environment for heart-to-heart talks, consider the Voli. Made up of two independent half spheres which can be rotated freely to direct light throughout a room, this unique globe-shaped lamp is not-so-discreet, yet subtle enough to feel as though it’s a natural extension of your home, whether you mount it on the ceiling, wall or on a track.

where to buy lights for hdb singapore

Eye-catching shape aside, the Voli also has ‘dim to warm’ LED technology to differentiate it from the competition. In product designer consultant Royston Phang’s Pasir Ris home, this feature allows the vibe of a window-side lounge to be easily swapped from ‘cosy and relaxed’ to ‘bright and lively’ with 2000K (sunset) and 3000K (warm white) lighting respectively.

4. Globula

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This lighting option stands out for its tubular-shaped housing and it can be mounted on a track that takes full advantage of its 90 degrees tilt angle and 355 degrees rotation. But if you prefer a more subtle look, there’s also the option of mounting the Globula within a ceiling recess or as a standalone fixture with its own pleasingly sleek casing.

where to buy lights for hdb singapore

The Globula Exposed (left) and Globula Square Double (right).

where to buy lights for hdb singapore

For extra visual comfort and decorative flair, the Globula Track can be fitted with a honeycomb glare guard that turns it into a unique centrepiece!

5. Blok

where to buy lights for hdb singapore

Don’t let its plain, squarish housing fool you, the Blok is plenty innovative with its unique form (when was the last time you’ve seen a cuboid lamp?). Simply attach the Blok to any ceiling and you’ll get a visual profile that’s uniquely non-linear, or if you prefer, use it as a simple wall sconce that’ll give your walls sophisticated polish.

where to buy lights for hdb singapore

With the option to be finished in either texturised white or matte black, the Blok can either play the role of minimalist fixture or a masculine accent against a backdrop of grey.

Discover even more elegant lighting options at Sol Luminaire

where to buy lights for hdb singapore

If you find yourself interested in these elegantly designed lighting fixtures, why not pay a visit to Sol Luminaire?

As an innovative lighting establishment in Singapore, Sol Luminaire constantly strives to achieve form and function through its in-house brand of light fixtures, AEON, which are designed, manufactured and installed in residential, retail and commercial projects across South East Asia.

For more information about their creative lighting solutions, feel free to reach out with a message or drop by Sol Luminaire’s showroom at 395 Guillemard Road, Singapore 399793!

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