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5 Ways to Get Fit In Your HDB/Condo

December 29, 2016

Let’s face it — From paying for classes, travelling to the gym to washing up, maintaining an exercise regime is a test of endurance in itself. If physical fitness has become a lifelong commitment for you, why not consider building a sport/exercise corner at home? No membership fees, no operating hours, and (thankfully) no jostling with others for a piece of equipment. If this prospect doesn’t get you pumped up, perhaps checking out these 5 homes will get your heart racing!

1. The Dark Horse

Your place, your rules. Your friendly neighbourhood gym may have a thing for harsh fluorescent lights, but that doesn’t mean your personal gym has to be! Keep it masculine yet classy with an all black interior and warm spotlights, which blend well with the treadmill and exercise machines. To counter the room’s dimness, windows and a transparent glass panel add a slick touch while allowing natural light to filter in.

5 Ways to Get Fit In Your HDB/Condo

Interior Designer: Posh Home
Location: Punggol Drive

2. Pole Position

You’ve got to give pole dancers some credit - Pole dancing is an intense cardio, resistance and flexibility workout that activates the entire body. Adept at maneuvering around the rod yourself? Then check out this minimalist room solely for the sport. By keeping the area clutter-free, the dancing pole’s reflective surface also acts as a focal point, catching traces of the home’s woody, Muji-esque theme on its exterior.

5 Ways to Get Fit In Your HDB/Condo

Interior Designer: Third Avenue Studio
Location: Waterway Woodcress

3. Self-Reflection

A Zumba or Dancerobics session is an entertaining way to sweat things out, but lessons can cost a bomb. If a dance-based workout is up your alley, save up on classes and consider building a private studio like this home. Full-length mirrors allow the homeowner to check on her posture and movements; Add a yoga mat and weights, and this glass-encased room also doubles as training ground for circuit exercises.

5 Ways to Get Fit In Your HDB/Condo

Interior Designer: Voila
Location: Segar Road

4. Pack A Punch

Fancy yourself the next Mike Tyson? This home’s fitness corner, featuring a solid punching bag, has got it all figured out. Conveniently placed between a walk-in wardrobe and bathroom, clear sliding doors divide the two distinct areas, and when closed, provides an uninterrupted space perfect for a boxing workout. When you've worked up a bit of sweat, the shower is just a literal step away!

5 Ways to Get Fit In Your HDB/Condo

Interior Designer: Third Avenue
Location: Jurong West

5. Pink of Health

Though it’s hard to imagine exercising under a dusty pink backdrop with feminine, classic French furniture, this home manages to do so with great aplomb. Instead of the usual black finish, a bright yellow weight machine surprisingly complements the colour scheme, giving the room an eclectic twist. A handy storage cabinet on the side also helps to stow away any free weights or accessories.

5 Ways to Get Fit In Your HDB/Condo

Interior Designer: The Scientist
Location: Twin Waterfalls

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