5 Ways to Maximise Your Master Bedroom Floor Area 11

5 Ways to Maximise Your Master Bedroom Floor Area

March 8, 2016

As the place where we look forward to retreating to after a long and arduous day out at work, the bedroom is often a sacred space where we need everything to be just right. Not only does it have to be aesthetically-pleasing, it should also be functional, with its floor area efficiently utilized. Owners of smaller homes might think, “That’s easier said than done!”. But don’t let the room’s limited space fool you – there are many clever ways to make sure every square metre counts.

Carve Out A Cosy Wardrobe Corner

While building full height wardrobes into the walls seem to be the foolproof formula for small bedrooms, try thinking out of the box – these homeowners even managed to simulate a walk-in wardrobe experience with strategically-angled cupboards!

1. This wardrobe doubles as a room divider that creates a more private changing area within the bedroom.

Interior Designer: M3 Studio
Location: Boon Tiong Road (HDB)

2. Simply by erecting the cabinets in an “L” shape enhances the walk-in wardrobe feel.

Interior Designer: Spaces Living Concept
Location: Segar Road (HDB)

Work Around The Bay Window

Often viewed as a pesky feature or one that eats up precious floor space, bay windows have a rather bad reputation amongst homeowners. There are, however, many creative and stylish ways to integrate it into the bedroom’s overall design.

3. Use the bay windows as a console, and place the entertainment set over it. For a less cluttered look, add on sliding panels to conceal the television when not in use.

Interior Designer: Zara @ Isoteam
Location: Versilia on Haig (Condo)

4. Create a platform and bring the bed right next to the windows for a more aesthetically-pleasing arrangement. This idea kills two birds with one stone, as the raised platform also offers added storage space.

Interior Designer: 82
Location: Watercolours (Condo)

5. Build storage compartments over the bay windows to create a cosy reading nook. This way, the bay windows can look more like an intentional design feature! You can also use this surface to place decorative home accessories and books to create a more lived-in look.

Architect: Studio JP
Location: Dakota Residences (Condo)

Turn The Floor Into A Storage Area

Sacrifice a little head space for more storage! Having storage compartments built into the floor enables you to stow away unsightly and bulky items, and frees up more space in the rest of the cabinets. The raised floors also add a cosiness to the bedroom.

6. Storage platforms allow items stored in it to be easily accessible. No more straining your back to reach for items placed in the far corners of the store room or high up in hard-to-reach cabinet compartments.

Interior Designer: KDOT Associates
Location: Circuit Road (HDB)

7. For a boutique hotel feel, create a platform with steps that lead up to the bed. These steps not only add a touch of glamour to the space, but can also contain long storage drawers.

Interior Designer: I-Bridge Design
Location: D’Leedon (Condo)

Build Storage Around The Bed

The bed is usually the main focus of master bedrooms – so why not anchor the room’s design around it? One of the best ways to utilise the bed area is by customizing storage compartments around it. By doing this, you make much more use of the nooks and crannies of the bedroom, and avoid having dead space around the bed.

8. Invest in a bed that comes with a storage base. This discreet storage compartment enables clutter to be easily hidden.

Interior Designer: Space Define Interior
Location: Casa Fortuna (Condo)

9. Instead of having bedside tables take up floor space, create a narrow headboard with pull out shelves instead. These can be left open as display shelves, or closed to make your knick-knacks “disappear”.

Interior Designer: Aiden T
Location: Serangoon (HDB)

10. With splashes of colour, a headboard with shelves can even become visual interest for a simple bedroom!

Interior Designer: Co. Prozfile
Location: The Nclave (Condo)

11. For a perfectly unified appearance, merge the built-in wardrobes, headboard, storage bed, and bay windows into one seamless flow. With less visual clutter, small rooms can also appear slightly more spacious.

Interior Designer: Posh Home
Location: Punggol Waterway Terraces (HDB)

Create A Multi-Functional Bedroom

The bedroom can be more than just a place to lay your head to rest – check out how these homeowners maximize its floor area to suit other purposes! This allows the bedroom to serve as a second living room or mini entertainment room.

12. Carve out a small area with the television console, to wind down with a book or movie before you retreat to bed.

Interior Designer: The 80’s Studio
Location: Belysa (Condo)

13. Create a small area for work or gaming, so that you don’t end up doing that on the bed itself. The bed should only be for resting – honour that!

Interior Designer: 82
Location: Boathouse Residences (Condo)

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