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6 Ingenious Ideas For Small Spaces At Home

July 8, 2016

As Singapore’s housing appears to shrink, there is an urgent need for furniture that takes up little space, double-functions and is stylish to boot. Don’t rush out to MUJI yet. You have got plenty of choices elsewhere. All you have to do is to make sure you know exactly what to look out for. So right here, with the courtesy of KUHL Home, we have got these tips to start you off on the right track. Read on.

1. Pullout Sofa

Studio apartment-dwellers will prefer a sofa that doubles up as a bed or a daybed ⎯ handy when you have got a guest in town. Because this is still a rest area, pick a sofa that is inviting and comfortable (feels almost like a mattress). Prefer simple, quick and fuss-free mechanism – you don’t want to waste time wrangling to open and close the sofa.

6 Ingenious Ideas For Small Spaces At Home

2. Slim Profiles

Obviously bulky, boxy furniture takes up unnecessary floor and cramps up the area. For example, an open-ended “L-shaped” sofa design takes up less visual space than a standard sofa. When setting up a study area, go for slim desks that can be placed against a wall or stand freely in a room. Lots of drawers help hide clutter!

6 Ingenious Ideas For Small Spaces At Home

3. The Extendables

Hosting a party? Here’s when you wish for extendable furniture comes. It lets you seat more guests at the table, from two to four or even eight! The mobile ones with wheels can easily be shifted around and kept in a corner when not in use. Little drawers are great for storing condiments at a near reach.

6 Ingenious Ideas For Small Spaces At Home

4. Smart Storage

If you are short on storage and space, then it is time to roll in furniture pieces with extra storage room. Coffee tables which table top slides open, or wall pockets – literally “pockets” that you can mount on the wall, are all useful idea. Instead of just shoving pockets with lost-and-found items, stash in small plants, magazines, or even use it to hold remote controls. Comes in different colours and sizes to fit every décor.

6 Ingenious Ideas For Small Spaces At Home

5. Movable Furniture

With limited space, you need flexibility. Think trolleys as bedside tables or a side table next to the sofa. Use these to house TV remote controls, books or even as a drinks trolley when you have got guests. Also, flexible lighting which turn the light to shine at more than one angle ⎯ perfect for small bedrooms where large pendant lights will only look intimidating.

6 Ingenious Ideas For Small Spaces At Home

6. Modular System Furniture

No space or money to build another closet? Cue modular systems which gives you that extra space (to make way for all those extra toys and books), and lets you add on or remove easily, exactly what you need.

6 Ingenious Ideas For Small Spaces At Home

No space is too small to be stylishly well-organised. And no place has better options than KUHL Home. Its furniture is designed and produced in Denmark and other European countries, with each product is handmade from the finest materials like solid wood, wool, metallic, marble and leather. Take a look at their amazing collection at

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