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6 Non-Basic Ways to Store Your Things At Home

May 29, 2018

The one thing we all worry about when it comes to designing our home is where and how we can create (more) storage. Well, worry no more with these storage solutions that will keep your home neat, tidy and organised.

Toys Everywhere

Is your home being overtaken by an avalanche of toys or your collectibles? Keep it neat with this sleek glass cabinet that works as a display case as well. The addition of lighting makes it stand out, like an exhibition showcase, which is really cool to have at home.


Interior Designer: D5 Studio

Shoes, Galore

Let’s face it – shoe cabinets can look drab. So why not design your own to make it fit right into your home design? Take cue from this neat sneakers display that not only lets your store your sneakers collection but also makes it easy to find your favourite pair straight away.


Interior Designer: U & Me Interior

Flip Up The Extra Bed

An extra bed comes in handy when guests come calling. But what to do with it when they leave? Here’s an idea: Why not make the extra bed part of your home design? Like this cool idea where you can easily pull out the bed for your guests and push it back into the wall where it belongs to keep it out of sight when not in use.

Flip-up Bed
Guest Room

Interior Designer: KDOT Associates

Stuff You Just Can't Part With

We all have travel tokens and housewarming gifts we can’t bin. Time to make them part of the house décor with a built-in open cabinet designed just for this purpose. It can be built into your feature wall to give your home a personal touch. Make it in different heights and widths to fit a variety of keepsakes and look less boring.

Vertical Storage

Interior Designer: Fuse Concept

Holds Your Entire Collection

So many books, so little time to read. But your growing TBR (to be read) collection doesn’t have to sit in one corner of the room. In fact, you can design your very own library to be part of your home. Like this cool under-the-bed library that’s a great idea to store your books neatly and at the same time looks good and chic.

Books Collection
Floor Storage

Interior Designer: In2Space

Books Collection
Discs Collection

Interior Designer: Fuse Concept

Conceal That Storeroom

Keep mess out of sight. Conceal the household shelter behind carpentry for that seamless look. For extra storage, add hooks or shelves behind the door to store light items.

Household Shelter

Interior Designer: Roughsketch

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