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6 Products that Will Help You Save Energy At Home

According to the Energy Market Authority of Singapore, there is a marked increase in the electricity consumption by households from 2014 to 2015. Not only is this foreboding for the environment, but it also means that the money spent on paying for hefty electricity bills could have been better used elsewhere! Old habits may be hard to break, but we’re positive that these six products will ease the transition to a more energy-conscious lifestyle effortlessly.

1. Energy-Saving Refrigerators

What’s a home without a fridge? Not only does it serve an important function of storing our precious edibles, but the fact that it requires constant energy to run should wake you to the idea that it is far wiser to get one with energy-saving features.

Check Out: LG GB-B4451GV 440L Two-Door Refrigerator, $1,239 on Lazada

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Set in a classy champagne gold finish, this fridge is both energy-friendly and compact in a sleek way!

When buying a fridge, be sure to check the Energy Label affixed on it as it will rate how energy efficient it is. Also, as a rule of thumb, smaller fridges consume less electricity than big fridges. Be careful not to overload the fridge too, as it affects the circulation of cold air. It helps if you buy only what that you need, and replenish when necessary.

2. Smart Plugs

Check Out: Belkin Conserve Energy Saving Plug Switch, US$9.58 on Amazon

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It never hurts to get one for your home if you believe a penny saved (on electricity bills) is a penny earned.

This energy saving plug by Belkin may look like it doesn’t do much, but it serves a powerful function. Many homeowners are under the impression that appliances stop drawing electricity when switched off, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Appliances are sneaky like that, and continue drawing electricity when still connected to the power source although they have been switched off.

What this unassuming plug has been designed to prevent is exactly this. It completely cuts appliances off from the power supply, when they are plugged in and not in use. It might seem like an insignificant function, but it saves you a lot of wasted electricity and money in the long run.

3. Solar Keyboard

Check Out: Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750, US$44.99 on Lazada

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With this, the sun might be your new best friend.

All you keyboard smashers out there, you will be very happy to know that such a thing as a solar powered keyboard exists. It doesn’t require electricity or batteries to operate, and it charges when it’s around any sources of light.

In addition, there are no finnicky wires or cables to have to bother with, and it stores enough energy good for a couple of months. It is super easy to charge it up in sunny Singapore too – you literally have no excuse to skimp on this!

4. Energy-Efficient Washing Machines

Check Out: Hitachi Washing Machine SF-130XWV 13L, $968 on Lazada

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This washing machine by Hitachi not only has an ECO Sensor, it has three ticks for water efficiency too.

“Energy efficiency” is a huge buzzword in the appliances market these days (and rightly so!), so it should be no surprise that there are washing machines that come with energy saving features too. Do your laundry and the environment a favour by picking one with energy-efficient and water-saving features.

Always wash an optimal load, and choose the setting that only utilises one cycle, so that you save both water and energy. Freshly laundered clothes and doing your part for the environment? Sign us up!

5. LED Lights

Check Out: Energy Efficient 15W E27 Corn Bulbs, $8.50 on Lazada

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Your future (and bank account) will always be bright if you switch to LED lights.

Let there be light – and what bright lights you shall have, which will not burn a metaphorical hole in your pocket! It should come as no surprise that a sizeable percentage of an average household’s electricity usage actually goes to lighting, which is why you should make the switch to LED lights. Not only are they energy saving, but they are also studier and last for a really long time.

6. Solar Charger for Mobile Devices

Check Out: Anker 21W Two-Port USB Solar Charger, $201 on Lazada

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The perfect gift for a housewarming party, this portable solar charger which can be attached to your backpack will ensure your laptop, phone or any electronic device will never run out of juice - even in the middle of the desert.

Let’s face it – Singaporeans are perpetually glued to their mobile devices, either browsing social media or watching cat videos online. That is why a solar charger for mobile devices is what any self-respecting tech-savvy household needs.

Not only does this not require any electricity to work, it is also extremely portable and great for outdoor use. Want to take a scenic hike but fear that your phone will run out of juice halfway? This will solve all your problems (and Insta Stories).

Cover Photo Credit: Chapter One Design

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