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6 Renovation Ideas for Every Ubi Grove BTO Flat Layout

July 14, 2022

Ubi Grove homeowners, it’s time to start planning!

Known for its industrial parks and offices, Ubi wasn’t always an area that people would deem ‘residential’. That’s all set to change, though, because come December 2022, it’s going to be where the new Ubi Grove BTO residents call home.

Ubi Grove BTO

If you’re one of these lucky new homeowners, get ready – because it’s time to start planning your renovation! To get the ball rolling, we’ve sussed out a few renovation ideas from existing projects that you can use for your own home.

Renovation ideas for 2-room flexi flats in Ubi Grove

Ubi Grove BTO

2-room BTO flats in Ubi Grove – Type 1 (left) and Type 2 (right).

In Ubi Grove, what differentiates the two types of 2-room BTO flexi flats is their kitchen sizes. At 38sqm, Type 1 houses a small, squarish kitchen, whereas Type 2 is a tad larger, with an extended kitchen and living area that contribute an additional 9+ sqm to the space.

No matter which house type you’re looking at, the fact is that they’re both small. However, there are still numerous ways you can make your home look bigger, as you’ll see below:

a) Use floor-to-ceiling carpentry to maximise storage (and create the illusion of space)

Northshore Drive by

Interior Firm:

You don’t always need fancy materials or fittings to make a place uniquely ‘yours’. As this BTO flat in Punggol Northshore proves, simple carpentry works are enough to make it feel like home.

Northshore Drive by

With floor-to-ceiling built-ins covering almost every inch of bare wall in the communal area, this home boasts a sleek, yet cosy home that has ample storage space for its homeowner.

Northshore Drive by

While these built-ins do make the entryway smaller, you’d hardly feel cramped – and that’s largely because of the monochromatic colour scheme and vertical leading lines that create an illusion of space.


b) Merge the bedroom with the living room for a larger communal space

Bidadari Park Drive by The Makers Design Studio

In this 2-room BTO flat in Bidadari, the walls of the original bedroom were hacked to create a larger living area. But at this point, you’re probably wondering, “where’s the bedroom?”

Bidadari Park Drive by The Makers Design Studio

Surprise! That couch you saw in the previous picture is actually a sofa bed, which is an essential piece of furniture in this flexible living space that the owners can adjust depending on the occasion.

Bonus: not only do the owners get a larger living area – they also don’t have to spend as much on furniture.


Renovation ideas for 3-room BTO flats in Ubi Grove

Ubi Grove BTO

A 3-room BTO flat in Ubi Grove (left) and a 3-room BTO flat at Macpherson Spring (right). Note that Macpherson Spring was selected purely as an example.

Standing at 68 sqm, the 3-room unit in Ubi Grove comes with a notable feature: a longer, narrower kitchen than those found in other 3-room HDB flats.

With this layout, you’ll have a smaller kitchen space to work with – which is a shame, but not impossible to work with, as you’ll see below:

a) Use some of the kitchen space for a roomier dining area

Tampines by The Local INN.terior 新家室

If you’re not a heavy cooker, you can consider expanding your communal area into the kitchen – like what you see in this BTO flat in Tampines.

Tampines by The Local INN.terior 新家室

While this is a 4-room flat, the layout is still pretty much the same as one in a 3-room flat in Ubi Grove. With the kitchen now confined to a smaller space, that leaves extra room for the owner to carve out a dining area – giving guests a proper area to sit and mingle.


b) Extend your kitchen into the service yard

Bedok North Road by R Interior | R 设计团队

When you’re a heavy cooker, you’ll likely need two things: an enclosed area to contain the cooking fumes, and additional space for storage and food prep. So, instead of opening up the kitchen, you can instead consider merging it with the service yard for a bigger, yet still enclosed space.

Bedok North Road by R Interior | R 设计团队

In this 3-room BTO flat in Bedok, you have additional space for storage and food prep, giving the owners a proper environment whenever they whip up a storm.


Renovation ideas for 4-room BTO flats in Ubi Grove

Ubi Grove BTO

The 4-room BTO flats in Ubi Grove have pretty standard layouts. While they come in two variations, the only big difference is the location of the household shelter, which can be situated by the kitchen or living room.

What this really determines is the shape of your living room. If your household shelter is in the kitchen (as seen from the unit on the right), you’re blessed with a more streamlined living room.

The other group, however, has a few awkward corners here and there – which are pretty tricky to design around, but can be circumvented with proper planning.

a) If your household shelter is in the living room:

Bedok South Road by IDesignerLab

One of the biggest downsides to having your household shelter by the door is that it’s in plain view of anyone who enters your home. But therein lies a unique opportunity in itself – to turn it into a statement feature wall.

Ubi Grove BTO

In this 4-room resale flat in Bedok, the household shelter has been hidden with a gorgeous concealer door dressed up with fluted panels.

As this unit came with a structural wall jutting out by the entrance, the owners decided to make the most of it by with an adjacent shoe cabinet – which not only created additional space for shoes and other daily items, but also created an ‘entryway’ that directs flow of traffic.

Bedok South Road by IDesignerLab


b) If your household shelter is in the kitchen:

Sumang Lane by Image Creative Design

Interior Firm: Image Creative Design

With a household shelter that’s tucked away in the kitchen, this 4-room BTO flat in Punggol boasts a clean, L-shaped living room that adds an airy and spacious vibe to the home.

Sumang Lane by Image Creative Design

This house also has other standout features if you’re keen on creating a seamless look. That includes the marble-look wallpaper that masks the household shelter door, as well as using the same vinyl flooring across the entire communal area!


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