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6 Ways To Maximise The Natural Light In Your HDB

August 11, 2017

Picture this: you’re spending a quiet Sunday afternoon at home by the window, curled up on the couch, alternating between the pages of a new book and a refreshing glass of sweet iced tea as natural light flushes in – an immediate mood and energy booster. There's just something about natural light streaming in that lifts our spirits.

And if your space isn't allowing enough light in, here's how you can maximise natural light. We share six useful tips for a bright, well-lit space.

1. Place large furniture strategically

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Interior Designer: Free Space Intent

This is the easiest way to get ample sunlight streaming into your living space. If you own tall or bulky pieces of furniture, make sure they aren’t placed directly in front of windows where most of the daylight enters from.

Instead, study where shadows may be cast when arranging your furniture. If you have a wall corner right beside your window, that’s where you might want to place your cabinet. Otherwise, consider a cosy spot further away from the windows.

2. Use translucent curtains

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Interior Designer: AD. I. WRKS

In the bedroom, thick, heavy curtains may be good to help you to get a good night's sleep, but for the living areas, a smarter alternative would be to use translucent curtains that allow natural light to gently stream in sans the direct glares and unbearable sunbeams.

The best substitute would be layered curtains that are a combination of sheer, thin fabric layered with thicker curtains. That way, you can get sunlight in during the day, and privacy at night with opaque curtains.

3. Lighten up your walls

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Interior Designer: U & Me Interior

Darker shades of wall paint like black, dark blue, olive and taupe, tend to absorb light, meaning less light gets reflected in your house. Opt for lighter shades like white, beige, grey and lavender, that are generally more luminous and emphasise the presence of natural light. For more off-beat and light colours, you can also choose from options such as aqua, baby blue, light pink and sunny yellow.

4. Lighten up your ceilings and floors too

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Interior Designer: Third Avenue Studio

Other than your walls, dark-coloured ceilings and floors tend to cast illusions of shadows on any room. When renovating your space, pick a light-coloured material such as vinyl or white marble. If your floors are already dark, don't worry as you can always add rugs of varying neutral shades and patterns.

5. Install floor-length mirrors

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Interior Designer: DB Studio

If repainting and renovating your walls and floors is not a feasible option, setting up two wide, floor-length mirrors opposite each other or on adjacent walls could be an affordable and convenient alternative.

Not only will the mirrors create an illusion of endless depth and space, their reflective surfaces will ensure that any natural light that enters is thrown back into the room for an overflowing abundance of sunlight.

6. Pick out metallic ornaments

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Interior Designer: Mr Shopper Studio

Accessorise your home with metallic ornaments – while not as reflective as mirrors, they still do a great job sending light back into your rooms.

Pick out timeless, classic pieces while you’re at it. Decorative bowls, vases and lamps in various metallic shades like copper and gold will add elegance to your interior design, while simultaneously creating illusions of brighter daylight all around your home.

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