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7 Better Ways To Display Art At Home

Displaying artworks at home is a fabulous way to inject personality and a whole new dimension to your decor. And it doesn't have to cost a bomb. To have your art pieces create as much drama as a genuine Andy Warhol, all you need is to follow these tips by The Artling, an online art gallery in Singapore.

1. Where To Hang, Or Place...

Generally, we think of a wall. But if you worry about changing your mind later on or can't bear to drill a hole into your wall, here's one easy option: on the floor. Leaning them on the wall, layering the pieces over one another. Try this same propping technique on a mantelpiece, and even inside bookshelves and cupboards.

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"Dance like water", by Stephanie Er. Photo credit: Skroutzondeck

2. How High To Hang

If you're hanging up your art works, you should be looking at 145cm above the floor on the wall. This is the "eye level" height, and is a common standard used at galleries and museums. Use a leveler tool and a digital laser tape to measure, and painters' tape to mark out the area. Make sure your walls are ready for drilling or nailing by patching, sanding, priming and painting where necessary.

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"Lord Of The Flies", by Heman Chong. Photo credit: Studioilse

3. Which Art Is Best

If you're hanging just one work in a space, it's simple. But it gets tricky if you are displaying a collection of pieces. The first thing to do is pick a theme: photography, pop-art prints, canvas works, or multi-media works. If you can’t decide, another way to create a cohesive look is to select works of similar colours or even just select frames that match.

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(From left:) "Styro Fruits", "Gigi's Knives" and "Skinny Vase", by Corinne de San Jose. Photo credit: Zeospot Website

4. How To Complement And Contrast

When choosing artworks for your home, always consider the room colour or accent colours. Try to complement what's already in your home to create a consistent look. The floor, the furniture, and even the ceiling's colour are good sources of inspiration when choosing your decorative piece. Either draw attention to your art collection with works that contrast and ‘pop’, or keep it subtle by going with complementary colours.

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"Made in ChinaTown #1" by Pariwat Anantachina.
Photo Credit: Rafael Rais

Out Of The Norm

Most of us usually think of flat, two dimensional art works. But don't forget about sculptures and even installations. These can create more impact. Place sculptures in unexpected spots such as by the bathroom sink, or on the dining table as a centerpiece to add character. If you’re feeling adventurous, commission a ceiling installation, or one that radiates from a corner of the room.

Arranging Art

Play around with different arrangements. You could hang a central dominant image, with small pieces around the main piece. Another technique to place "heavy" pieces at the bottom left, for visual balance. If you’re hanging over a sofa or sideboard, a good rule to follow is to make sure the arrangement is at least two thirds the size of the sofa or bed's headboard.

Ask The Experts

If all these still sounds confusing to you, then seek professional's help. The Artling provide offers consultancy services to help you source the perfect art pieces for your home, without busting your budget.

All artworks featured here are available from The Artling.

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