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7 Clever Ways to Let House Plants Take Root in Your Home

From paint to furnishings, you have probably considered these elements at some point in time during the renovation process. However, there’s one other detail that’s often overlooked in the grand scheme of things: plants.

Aside from creating calmer living, greenery can also be a design tool. Read on to find out how to integrate plants seamlessly into your new HDB (we’ve also shortlisted a few stores to buy from)!

use plants as home decor
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1. Incorporate a green wall

Narrow horizontal spaces may hinder your options but you should not let it stop you. If you have the luxury of a high ceiling, indoor vertical gardens are a must-have centrepiece for your home. Restricted by the HDB ceiling height? Try housing the plants framed in tiny potted 'shelves'. You could even fuse the two concepts to create something with a little more impact, just like how it was accomplished in this home!

Bishan Street 13 by The Design Practice
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2. Mount them on shelves

So you have created your own functional space, complete with a plethora of shelving solutions… but they look strangely empty. Breathe new life into the units with miniature bonsais, succulents and creepers of your choosing! You could even house herbs in small pots (in case you need them for a recipe).

Tampines GreenForest by asolidplan
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3. Frame your indoor fountain

What goes hand-in-hand with plants? A body of water. While yours may be man-made, nothing's stopping you from using greens to frame it. The end result? A peaceful, Zen-like place that offers respite.

Dover Close by Lifestyle + Interiors
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4. Out on the balcony

Make your outdoor garden look anything but cookie-cutter. Think bigger, lusher greens housed in concrete or brass planters for a more industrial approach, befitting of Singapore’s concrete jungle.

The Santorini by M Squared Dezign
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5. Use as is to break up the monotony

Most homes are neutral, colour-wise. A big potted plant helps to reintroduce a tinge of vitality without making things look too busy. No matter where you place the pot, it is sure to end up being the highlight because of its stature and vibrancy.

Pasir Ris Street 51 by Fifth Avenue Interior
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6. Interspersed to ensure room continuity

Rooms looking a little disjointed? Lining plants up in various areas of the home may help make things flow better. Check out how this home uses them to help anchor the spaces amidst ever-changing shades, materials and textures.

Havelock View by Hall Interiors
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7. As unique accents

Forgo prints, use your living greens as décor instead. Hang up your planters or even better yet, create unique frames to house your pots in, like this iron-shaped one.

Bayfront View by Mr Shopper Studio
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Fab Finds:

1. Candy Floriculture
use plants as home decor
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Source: Candy Floriculture

Pick up everything you need from garden supplies to fresh flowers.

2. Tumbleweed Plants
use plants as home decor
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Source: Tumbleweed Plants

For stylish indoor plants.

3. The Garden Store
use plants as home decor
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Source: The Garden Store

Start from scratch and grow your own garden with seeds.

If your home still looks drab despite the plants, it may be time to consider a makeover. Get in touch with trusted professionals by filling out the form below!

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