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7 Cool Balconies You’ll Love To Chill Out In

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It may not be widely available for everyone, but if you have it, you shouldn't waste it. "It", refers to the balcony. On top of using the balcony for practical usages such as drying your laundry and storing of things, you can also use it to further enhance your lifestyle. It is always great to chill and relax, so why not do so at a beautiful corner of your house? Here are 7 ideas to show you how and get your ideas going!

1. Simple, but stylishly does it. Soft furnishings like an area rug, cushions and throws on the chairs makes the area feel really calm. The potted topiary in the corner is majestic, formal, and feels right with the sleek furniture.

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Interior Designer: Absolook
Location: Parkland Residences

2. If you are lucky enough to have a balcony that faces the void deck and has not much of a view, make the most of it by converting it into a cosy reading corner. Bring on the sense of serenity with wooden floors and blinds, and complete it with a chaise lounge and mood lighting for the perfect hang-out spot.

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Interior Designer: D’Planner
Location: Tampines

3. Artful and architectural, and with an open frame that makes the tropical bamboo chairs feel light and cool. Don’t forget to add green touches, and a stylish ceiling fan to keep the space breezy.

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Interior Designer: Dap Atelier
Location: Twin Waterfalls

4. When it comes to furnishing the balcony, the only limit is your imagination. The explosion of colour and form appears thrown together here, but don’t be fooled. A curated feel is achieved by the use of one main colour and style – in this case, furniture inspired by pop art. After that, though, anything goes.

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Interior Designer: DHOME Studio
Location: Urban Suites

5. Vertical gardens are the latest “in” thing. They are beautifully impressive and takes up zero floor space. The vertical garden you see in the photo is grown on a large plastic or wooden wall planter with slots for the soil. An easy option to start a wall garden is to go with a container-style design, which means potted plants are attached to the wall or stacked.

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Interior Designer: DISTINCTidENTITY
Location: D'Fresco

6. There’s an underlying sense of fun in this balcony, thanks to the cheery furniture and artificial grass carpet. From plains to neons, natural texture to geometric prints, these pieces ooze a garden party vibe that makes it a great meet-and-greet spot for guests.

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Interior Designer: Free Space Intent
Location: Terrasse

7. Al fresco is the definitive dining room trend currently – and it’s possible (and easy) to inject character even in the balcony. To craft a warm and inviting space, introduce texture with bold, black and white colonial blinds, and pair it with a statement lights, and flowers on the table.

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Interior Designer: The Association
Location: The Peak

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