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7 Cosy Corners That Are Also Nifty Storage Spaces

September 17, 2019

You (and your knick-knacks) will be snug as a bug in a rug.

A cosy nook is a wonderful retreat, especially after a long and hectic day. However, while the idea of having such a hideaway is tempting, land is (unfortunately) a premium in Singapore. This then begs the question of what you can do to free up space needed to build these areas… Well, we have some clever solutions right here!

cosy corners nifty storage solutions

Interior Firm: Happe Design Atelier

These cosy corners aren’t just a place for rest, they also double as nifty and sleek storage solutions. So quick, grab a coffee and snuggle in – we’re going to find out what makes these comfy yet functional spaces tick.

1. Toa Payoh East (Block 263)

When in doubt, always fall back to what you know. Wood or wood elements always works best when it comes to introducing (or re-introducing) warmth into a space. Though the white walls here first imbue a sense of cold, the feeling is offset here by a wood-like raised platform that also plays home to plush legless chairs.

Toa Payoh East (Block 263) by Charlotte's Carpentry

Interior Firm: Charlotte's Carpentry

If you look even closer still, you will come to find that the platform itself has been outfitted with a plethora of storage compartments!

Toa Payoh East (Block 263) by Charlotte's Carpentry

2. Bishan Street 22

While the concept is similar here, the cosy factor is amped up thanks to… you guessed it, its doors. While the bi-fold doors certainly don’t offer much in the way of privacy (having been in-laid with glass), they can filter out sounds to a degree which can help in creating a more restful ambience.

Bishan Street 22 by D5 Studio Image

Interior Firm: D5 Studio Image

This home also expands on the raised platform idea by including a mini wardrobe and a seating area to increase the home’s storage capacity. Because these additions are slightly bulkier, they’ve both been flushed to the side to keep things looking polished.

Bishan Street 22 by D5 Studio Image

3. Principal Garden

Even your cabinets can be turned into a cosy corner – Voila carves out a space to fit in a seating area that also doubles as a neat little dining area.

Principal Garden by Voila

Interior Firm: Voila

Simply store your table away in the recesses of your storage unit when not in use!

Principal Garden by Voila

4. Tre Residences

Not only does a mezzanine loft double your space, it also provides you with additional pockets of storage.

Tre Residences by Mr Shopper Studio

Interior Firm: Mr Shopper Studio

Mr Shopper Studio elevates the bed in this apartment at Tre Residences to make way for a play area that kids can retreat to, complete with neat storage solutions concealed in the stairs.

Tre Residences by Mr Shopper Studio

5. Lorong 2 Toa Payoh

Maybe the one thing that you want hidden is not your clutter but the bulky bed instead. Well, aside from using the raised platform, consider concealing a fold-up bed behind wall panels so that it can be expanded when in use and hidden when it is not.

Lorong 2 Toa Payoh by Free Space Intent

Interior Firm: Free Space Intent

Even better yet, this will allow you to have more legroom in your seating area when it’s enclosed!

Lorong 2 Toa Payoh by Free Space Intent

6. Sol Acres

It’s even possible to apply the cosy corner concept to an entire room! With clever carpentry work, these homeowners didn’t just manage to enclose their bedroom but also turn it into a space that offers plenty of compartments.

Sol Acres by Happe Design Atelier

Interior Firm: Happe Design Atelier

Think pull-outs embedded in the risers and a full storage system in the room itself!

Sol Acres by Happe Design Atelier

7. 351B Anchorvale Road

And if you are on the market for something that is a lot less conventional, why not give the sunken “living space” look a whirl? Besides playing home to additional storage units, the raised platform is fashioned in such a way that it gives these homeowners a “conjoined” seating as well as resting area in this home.

Anchorvale Road by The Roomakers

Interior Firm: The Roomakers

The whole space is kept looking sleek and polished as the built-in extends out to the floor plus a full-height console that doubles as a bookshelf!

Anchorvale Road by The Roomakers

Ready to turn your cosy corners into functional solutions?

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