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7 HDB Flat Built-In Ideas Created with Neat Freaks in Mind

Neat freak or not, these built-in ideas are guaranteed to make your home super sleek.

Let’s be frank, spring cleaning a house isn’t easy and keeping it tidy 24/7 isn’t going to get any easier – especially if you have a neat freak in your life who is always getting on your case as soon as things start getting a little messier than picture perfect.

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To stop the (unnecessary, but sometimes justified) nagging, here are 7 built-in ideas for HDB flats that’ll hopefully help you survive life with a neat freak – and also achieve a tidier abode for your next renovation.

1. A recessed dry kitchen with a custom sink cover

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View this project by Dyel Design

The idea of having a recessed dry kitchen in a tidy home is plenty great, and it gets even better when it comes with a sliding door that conceals the entire setup when you aren’t busy washing up.

Plus, with a custom sink cover board (which has openings for ventilation, if we may point out) you’ll be able to either ‘expand’ your countertop space or hide dirty dishes from your resident neat freak.

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2. A master en suite entrance that blends in with wardrobe cabinets

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View this project by United Team Lifestyle

By using an near-identical wood look laminate, the designer of this easy-on-the-eye HDB home was able to create an almost seamless facade with the master bedroom en suite’s entrance and an adjoining wardrobe.

Closing the bathroom’s door completes the illusion of a continuous wraparound, while conveniently hiding any mess on the inside.

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3. A hidden bedroom entrance that’s also part TV feature wall

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View this project by Key Concept

Much like the example above, hiding the master bedroom of this small but clever 3-room HDB flat behind a TV feature wall creates aesthetic value, but more importantly, it also guarantees privacy from prying eyes, while satisfying any inner need for a visually cleaner home.

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4. An entire dry and wet kitchen hidden behind pocket doors

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View this project by Artitecture

Even the neatest of neat freaks will be hard-pressed to admit the ingenuity of the concealed dry/wet kitchen setup in this resale HDB flat at Kim Tian Road.

Pocket doors fronting a baking counter and black cabinets hide both fixtures from plain sight; the same goes for the entrance to the wet kitchen which can be closed off when there’s heavy cooking happening on the inside.

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5. Bedroom wardrobe cabinets with a mini foldable ironing board inside

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View this project by Van Hus Interior Design

It’s nifty, it’s space-saving, and it guarantees that there will be less items cluttering up your bedroom – so what’s there not to love about this idea of maximising your wardrobe by hiding a foldable ironing board within it?

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6. Kitchen storage cabinets that hide shelves and a galley counter

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View this project by Happe Design Atelier

With a set of well-placed pocket doors in the right colour, it’s possible to make everything (read: shelves, kitchen appliances, and even one half of a galley kitchen counter layout) disappear into the surroundings.

Don’t believe it? Just take a look at these photos or check out the rest of this 38-year-old HDB flat’s 180-degree makeover.

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7. A concealed dresser tucked away behind a bedroom accent wall

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View this project by The Interior Lab

The design of this master bedroom’s slatted wood walls isn’t noteworthy because it’s on-trend but because it’s able to completely conceal a dresser, mirror and all, right beside a bed. And frankly, we think that’s what makes this built-in idea #bedroomgoals for any neat freak, whether it’s the one in you or in your home!

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