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7 Homes You Never Imagined Existed In Singapore

March 5, 2015

Creating a unique home requires the courage to go against what’s trendy, and the discipline to keep to a consistent theme. A new home is akin to a blank canvas; giving you the opportunity to turn your wildest imagination into reality. But even the greatest artists need to show restraint in order to produce the best work. Here, we’ve shortlisted some homes that have nailed the brief of being unconventional, without going overboard.

1. Star Wars-inspired

Combined with clean lines and irregular shapes, and state-of-the-art furnishings, this spacious Star Wars-inspired HDB flat looks exactly like the inside of a spacecraft floating through the cosmos. To keep the rest of the home neat and clutter-free, the homeowner’s Star Wars collectibles are proudly displayed in a separate room for guests to enjoy. Droid looking out for The Sith in the hallway, checked.


Interior Designer: Aiden T
Location: Pasir Ris Street (HDB)
Cost of renovation for entire house: $70,000

2. Hey, Mickey

Mickey Mouse is not just an icon of our childhood. He represents togetherness, optimism and adventure, and has won the hearts of millions around the world. It is no wonder that some would welcome him as part of their home’s design and décor. This one, in particular, exudes a wonderland’s fun and joy through the combination of Mickey and Minnie’s silhouettes, clever lighting, colourful walls and soft curves.


Interior Designer: DHOME STUDIO
Location: Jurong East (HDB)
Cost of renovation for entire house: $80,000

3. Starry, Starry Night

Who said you need a glass roof to be living, sleeping, and dining under a blanket of stars? This condo transformed an often-overlooked ceiling into a beautiful night sky. Paired with an ocean-inspired living room, there’s no place for the stresses of life to dwell. The kids’ rooms maintained the same serenity with spaceship-like chambers, and musical keyboards as stepped platforms.


Interior Designer: Unity Interior Design
Location: Poh Huat Road West (condo)
Cost of renovation for entire house: $70,000

4. Comic House

Who doesn’t have legendary childhood superheroes that continue to live in our hearts? Here, we are talking about cartoon icons that every young boy of our generation knew – Astroboy and Tintin. We fell in love with this apartment's bold graphics, which are accompanied by a contemporary interior design. It's a space with an attitude that reads: fun, spunky and stylish. This might just be the secret headquarters of Astroboy fans.


Interior Designer: WOLF WOOF
Location: Woodlands (condo)
Cost of renovation for entire house: $30,000

5. The Toy Museum

If you’ve got it, flaunt it! By it, we mean your toy and figurine collection. At first glance, this HDB home-filled with a multitude of toys-reminds us of a modern version of Santa’s workshop; sporting a wood shed door, partial brick walls, and even a low dining table paired with floor chairs - perfect for little Christmas elves!


Interior Designer: Dan's Workshop
Location: Rivervale Cresent (HDB)
Cost of renovation for entire house: $70,000

6. Retro, Don’t Care

To replicate the retro vibe of the 60s, the homeowners of this HDB flat managed to get their hands on a whole host of vintage furniture and knick-knacks, along with a trishaw and an old electric fan to boot. But it’s really the details that set this home apart, such as the square concrete lattice bricks that form tiny windows above room doors, and the mosaic tiles that are tactfully used in the master bedroom’s toilet and headboard.


Interior Designer: Design Channel
Location: Hougang Avenue (HDB)

7. The Ultimate Resort

Okay, let’s admit it. Who doesn’t want to spend their days in a holiday resort? We are talking about a home that rivals even the most luxurious of spa resorts. Peppered with carefully selected timber furniture pieces and deluxe textures, this has to be heaven on earth. The most amazing part - each piece of furniture brings cohesion to the different elements in the room, while never failing to stand out.


Interior Designer: akiHAUS
Location: Sentosa Cove (Condo)

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