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7 Inspiring Open Kitchen Concepts For Your New Home

Homes are getting increasingly smaller, while many people do not cook as often as generations of old. So it is no surprise that open-concept kitchens are getting popular with home owners, who are looking for creative solutions to fit their smaller living spaces and modern lifestyles.

Take a look at these clever open-concept kitchens, from integrated mini dining areas, to creative storage solutions.

1. Separate dry and wet areas

One does not need to have a large kitchen exclusively for both food preparation and cooking. Simply extend the kitchen dry area to part of the living room, which can double up as a table top. If you do a lot of heavy cooking, try separating the cooking area via a glass door.

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Interior Designer: 2Form Interior Design
Location: Bukit Panjang (HDB)
Cost of renovation for entire house: $80,000

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Interior Designer: Design Collective
Location: Nathan Road (condo)
Cost of renovation for entire house: $100,000

2. Create storage space on walls and nooks

This open-concept kitchen is integrated into the overall woody, industrial design, and hence does not have much storage. Create little nooks of storage space, by installing hanging racks above the sink to free worktop space, or having a movable cart to add on to the mobility to free up space when required.

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Interior Designer: Third Avenue Studio
Location: Tampines (HDB)
Cost of renovation for entire house: $70,000

3. Split narrow and long spaces into two working areas

If you have to make kitchen space work, in a narrow corner with a long layout, split the dry and wet areas into two parallel spaces. Integrate the extended tabletop into the overall design by using the same colour and finishing as the feature wall.

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Interior Designer: Voila
Location: Punggol Place
Cost of renovation for entire house: $28,000

4. Convert part of kitchen into dining area

If you tend to have quick and simple meals, why not convert part of the kitchen tabletop into a mini dining area? This way, you save space on having a separate dining area.

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Interior Designer: Mofasis
Location: Shunfu Road (HDB)
Cost of renovation for entire house: $90,000

5. Think of storage…above and below

Make use of an oft-forgotten area – the ceiling – by installing an overhanging shelf to contain items such as alcohol and wine glasses. You can even convert the high kitchen top into a bar area simply by placing bar stools.

Go one step further in your space-saving measures by integrating the washing machine below the bar counter.

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Interior Designer: Uber Design House
Location: Peck Hay Road (condo)
Cost of renovation for entire house: $12,000

6. Maximise space, use an island counter

Instead of extending the kitchen, make use of the existing space by installing an island counter in the middle of the kitchen for food preparation. Another perk of a kitchen island is that, it acts as a social space.

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Interior Designer: Three-d conceptwerke
Location: River Valley (condo)
Cost of renovation for entire house: $120,000

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Interior Designer: Prozfile
Location: Labu Ayer (landed)
Cost of renovation for entire house: $80,000

7. Integrate lots of storage space

Create lots of storage space all along this L-shaped open concept kitchen, including the tabletop. Make it look streamlined by using the same white colour theme as the rest of the house.

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Interior Designer: Linear Space Concepts
Location: Hindhede Walk (condo)
Cost of renovation for entire house: $60,000

Kitchen Ideas

Apart from having a good layout, smart ergonomic fixes to make your culinary experience a smooth one is equally imperative. Here are some snazzy solutions that adds a touch of differentiation.

Kitchen Appliances & Storage Solutions

Dwelling Concept ( provides innovative solutions for premium kitchens and wardrobes. The Domus Omnia rack, suitable for both the wet kitchen and kitchen island amps up the sleek factor for your utensils and cutlery storage.

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A tall storage that revolves is a smart and space-saving way to store kitchen knick-knacks.

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Incorporate state-of-the-art and elegant, functional designs with the new generation of kitchen appliances and accessories from Teka.

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Kitchen Countertops

Caesarstone, an industry pioneer and global leader, has been manufacturing high quality quartz surface solutions for commercial and residential areas. Scratch, heat and stain resistant, quartz is a popular choice for kitchen countertops.

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