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7 Must-Know Tips For An Affordable Wedding and Renovation

September 29, 2015
7 Must-Know Tips For An Affordable Wedding and Renovation

Two of the most major milestones in life are getting married and buying your own house. However, put them together in the same time span and you’ve got a rather hefty bill on your hands. Couples who are getting married soon (congratulations!) and looking to renovate their love nest, we come to your rescue! We break down the costs of weddings and renovations for you, and also share some game-changing hacks that will save you some extra money for that honeymoon fund.

Keep those wedding bells ringing

Weddings can be expensive, and the following illustrates how much a typical wedding costs:

7 Must-Know Tips For An Affordable Wedding and Renovation

Credit: Dollars and Sense

That amount may be intimidating, but you can stave off costs with these simple tricks.

Digital invites are in
Traditional cards are passé, unless you handmade them. But if time isn’t on your side, go digital! Customise and send a digital invitation if you prefer something fancy, but if money is really tight, we suppose that a simple Facebook invitation will do.

Make do without a wedding planner
Your wedding is one of the biggest events in your life so why not participate in creating that milestone? To prevent yourself from turning into a bridezilla, rope in your BFF to keep the planning and your sanity in check.

7 Must-Know Tips For An Affordable Wedding and Renovation

Hold your solemnisation and wedding banquet at the same time
Kill two birds with one stone to shave a fraction of the costs required for event logistics. What’s truly awesome is being able to feed hungry guests right after they witness the solemnisation ceremony.

Trim down the photographers, hours and photoshoot locations
Or if you are thick-skinned enough, appoint a friend who has awesome filter and Instagram skills to be the photographer and document your big day with a #wedding hashtag.

Putting a house together

7 Must-Know Tips For An Affordable Wedding and Renovation

After a wonderful wedding, moving into your dream house will be a breeze if the renovation went as planned, and it can if you follow these tips!

Browse plenty of design inspirations
Know what you want. It’s easier to narrow and search for alternatives if you have an idea on what goes into your home. For starters, check out these interior designs under $35,000, as well as 10 fuss-free starter homes ideal for newlyweds.

7 Must-Know Tips For An Affordable Wedding and Renovation

Research your needs
What kind of floors, walls or lights will best suit your needs and stay within your budget? Instead of driving yourself up the wall googling for information, our renovation price guide has all the information you need.

7 Must-Know Tips For An Affordable Wedding and Renovation

Find out how much everything costs
A dream home need not cost an arm and a leg if you do proper research beforehand. We break down the costs and provide estimates for each renovation component in this handy article that you should definitely consult before making any decisions.

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