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7 Space-Saving Altar Designs That Won’t Alter Your Home’s Aesthetic!

Flawless fits for any interior style: altar edition.

Having an altar at home is a great way to connect with your faith and make space for the respective practices and rituals.

There are plenty of design possibilities to incorporate one at home, whether you want a simple set-up, a multi-functional space or a grand, dedicated area.

Need some ideas to get started? Check out how these altars fit seamlessly with these home interiors (plus, save space)!

1. Change up an otherwise awkward niche with a wall-mounted altar

home altar
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View this project by Home Access Interior

When recessed areas interrupt your smooth interiors, it can drive you up the wall… But with some clever design, like in this home, you could even make it a highlight!

Mounted in the recessed wall niche, this wooden altar features quintessential details found in traditional Hindu altars. To complete the look, there are wall lamps on either side.

To make sure that the altar blends in with the rest of the interior, the homeowners chose materials that match, like the wooden TV console.

2. Or, fit an altar… along the corridor!

home altar design
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View this project by LAS Design Studio

When we think of an altar, we wouldn’t usually imagine one along the corridor or at the centre of the house, but this home pulls it off!

This arched niche is reminiscent of intricate church architecture that emphasises curves and arches – its simple yet elegant design fits seamlessly into the home’s aesthetic without creating a harsh contrast.

catholic altar at home
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View this project by Metier Planner

Don’t forget to install recessed lighting within the niche so that your altar is well-lit!

3. Make space for an altar in a multi-functional built-in

altar design ideas
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View this project by

We love flexible fixtures that do double (or triple!) duty for different purposes, like this built-in by the main entrance.

With ample vertical space and warm lighting, this altar is undoubtedly the focal point of the built-in. There’s also plenty of space for display/storage, and even a spot to sit when putting on shoes.

home altar
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View this project by Aestherior

You don’t always have to make your built-ins go all the way to the ceiling, but it certainly helps to emphasise and visually enlarge a small space, like this altar.

Without all that height, it might have looked too cramped, but at full-height, there is a pleasing visual balance with the unornamented vertical space.

4. Build an altar with swing doors

home altar
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View this project by Exqsite Interior Design

At first glance, this built-in doesn’t look like anything more than a unique visual design…

home altar design ideas
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View this project by Exqsite Interior Design

But lo and behold, it opens up to a grand altar!

This nook is set aside just for the altar, with sufficient shelf space within for images and photo frames related to your faith.

With such an altar design, you’ve also got the flexibility to keep it open/closed as and when you need, such as when you have guests over.

5. ‘Partition’ the living/dining room for an exclusive altar space

altar design
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View this project by WHST Design

If you have a lot of floor space (this 3-bedroom condo has 130sqm!), you could ‘partition’ an area just for your altar.

Notice how the altar area is literally demarcated with a glowing light strip?

altar design
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View this project by WHST Design

The most visually-arresting detail is the elaborate tiles, stretching up the wall and across the ceiling – not only does it grab your attention, but it also helps to create a ‘boundary’ around the altar area.

6. Use a wall-mounted shelf for your altar to maximise space

altar at home
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View this project by Dyel Design

If you’re strapped for space though, go for a wall-mounted shelf, like the owners of this 2-bedroom condo with 76sqm of floor area did.

This altar blends in perfectly with the sleek and clean interior, adding visual interest with its rounded design.

You can’t go wrong with an altar as timeless as this!

7. Set up an altar in the bedroom

altar in bedroom
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View this project by 9 Creation

You don’t have to confine yourself to the living room or the entryway/hallway when you’re considering where to set up your altar – you could always have it in your bedroom, especially if you’re trying to maximise a tiny living room space, like the owner of this 2-room BTO.

We might have come to the end of the list, but the ideas don’t stop here: check out even more ideas to save.

Ultimately, it’s all about creating a relaxing and comfortable space that helps you and your family express and connect with your faith – with space constraints and the rest of your interior decor in mind!

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