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7 Things You Should Do To Your Home

Big or small homes, these nifty tips help create a space you love, and make the space easy to clean and maintain. Scroll to see what they are.

1. Creative Storage Solutions

Free up floor space with wall storage, and while you are at it, why not opt for stylish racks that also double up as a feature wall or a piece of a conversation starter?

2. A Couch To Lounge

Instead of carving out an additional space to relax and unwind in, why not do it in the living room? Get a casual piece of sofa that you can laze on, lounge at, and host a party. The sofa should be warm, cosy, and wide enough for fluffy pillows.

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3. Open-shelf Concept In the Kitchen

The open concept gives you a glance where everything is kept, keeping the spaces modern and relax. If dust is a concern, opt for partial open shelving; then display some good-looking dishware to amplify the style factor.

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4. Dress Up Your Bathroom

Jokes on doing business aside, there is no reason why you should neglect the bathroom. It is the room where you stepped into at the start and end of day, and it definitely helps that a good décor makes you feel recharged or de-stressed. If your budget does not permit a full makeover, opt for a partial one or throw in accessories.

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5. Throw In An Awesome Rug

Adding a rug is an instant energy booster. They subtly set the boundaries, and add warmth and beauty under your feet. Two tips: choose the rug first before other soft furnishings, and ensure it is big enough so that the front legs of the furniture are on it.

6. Go For Curtains

While venetian blinds are popular in today’s modern homes, they tend to attract and hold dust and debris easier than curtains, and thus, such blinds are not recommended for those with severe allergies to dust and dirt. Unless, you can set aside time to wipe the blinds weekly, we would recommend curtains.

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7. Have Retro/Vintage-inspired Appliances

These appliances have a smaller footprint than modern day gadget behemoths. Plus, they add a decorative charm to your home.

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What are some must-haves you would do to your home? Drop us a comment below.

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