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7 Unexpected Home Items You Never Knew Can Be Insured

Protect your expensive renovation fittings and fancy furnishings.

We often think of our home as a safe haven, but sometimes the unforeseen can happen when you least expect it. We’re not just talking about accidental fires that could damage your walls and floors, but there could also be times when you have to deal with sudden power outages and plumbing issues.

Pasir Ris One by ELPIS Interior Design
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Thankfully, with home insurance, you can ensure that your renovation fixtures, home furnishings as well as personal contents are safely protected. Basically, almost everything under your roof can be insured! (A lesser-known fact: your mandatory fire insurance does not actually cover your renovation and furnishings)

Here are 7 household items you probably never knew can be claimed under home insurance.

1. Movable furniture

Yishun Avenue 1 by Luova Project Services
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Furnishing an apartment is a costly affair, but it can also be seen as a form of investment – especially when it comes to heirloom-worthy pieces or designer furniture that would increase in value overtime. Besides, the last thing you want is to come home to stolen or fire-ravaged furniture.

Consider getting coverage for all your loose, movable furnishings — this includes everything from sofa to dining sets, wardrobes to cabinets etc.

2. Electrical and plumbing works

Muswell Hill by The Orange Cube
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Got a fancy new washing machine? Or a cool high-tech smart fridge? As you fill your home with these modern conveniences, there might also be potential safety hazards that come with it. Frayed cords, overloaded circuits and faulty wiring are some of the common dangers that could lead to power failures, fires or explosions. Fortunately, any damage to property caused by these incidents can be covered!

In addition, you can claim for repair or replacements costs when:

  • Your air-conditioner unit is not working due to a faulty motor or fan, mechanical breakdown or gas leakage
  • You have a clogged plumbing system

You and your family members can also receive adequate compensation for any physical injuries that may have occurred in the event of an accident.

3. Entertainment devices

Maplewoods by HOFT
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It’s no secret that tech gadgets have become an indispensable part of our everyday home life – whether you’re streaming some ultra HD content on your big TV, or geeking out over your new set of gaming consoles. Don’t let any mishaps hold you back from enjoying your leisurely time; the most secure way to keep your entertainment devices safe is to get them insured!

We all know that Singapore is relatively crime-free, but it’s always better to be prepared for the unexpected. In the event that someone really breaks into your house (touch wood!), Singtel Home Protect has your back. Besides helping to mitigate the financial repercussions, they will also cover the cost for engaging a locksmith to install a new lock if theft was involved.

4. Clothing items

Hougang Avenue 8 by Toke & Chen
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Getting your clothes insured might not feel like a top priority, but take a quick wardrobe check: the amount you’ve spent on these curated threads might even be more than your furniture and appliances combined. Don’t forget about the seldom-worn but higher-value pieces such as gowns, tuxedos and dress shoes!

5. Fashion accessories

The Alps Residence by Ethereall
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Sometimes, a safe box just doesn’t cut it when it comes to safeguarding your accessories. Just imagine if you were to lose an engagement ring, or a generous gift from a loved one – these are items that represent a special moment in your life that you would want to cherish forever. Insuring your accessories will ensure that your treasured possessions are properly covered from any uncertainties.

6. Collectibles and antiques

Sumang Lane by Fineline Design
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Perhaps you’ve inherited your grandma’s vintage china set, or you have a cabinet full of Star Wars figurines that are probably worth a fortune. Regardless of the memorabilia, there’s really nothing more terrifying than the thought of losing an entire collection that you’ve built throughout the years.

Hence, it’s a good idea to opt for home insurance to protect your valuables so you can continue growing your hobby in the comfort of your own home.

7. Renovation fixtures and fittings

Trevose Park by Habit
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Let’s face it: home renovation costs can be easily one of the biggest expenditures in your lifetime (besides buying the actual house, of course). Depending on the property type and size, you might have to fork out a hefty sum on fittings, finishes and materials on top of any additional hacking works. Despite spending a good deal of time, money and effort on renovating their dream home, most homeowners fail to get adequate insurance that covers the internal structures.

Martin Place Residences by Mr Shopper Studio
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One of the major benefits of having home insurance is that it provides coverage against damage to renovations, fixtures and fittings within the house. Take the Singtel Home Protect plan for instance, which has a coverage of up to $40,000 — that pretty much covers the average costs of a typical HDB renovation! This also extends to your flooring, ceiling, built-in wardrobes as well as air-conditioners, as long as it doesn’t include any part of the building. Well, sign us up now!

Exclusive promotion for Singtel customers

Northshore Drive by Darwin Interior
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Singtel Home Protect gives you the ultimate peace of mind knowing that your home and valuables are protected from common insured perils. What’s more, this comprehensive home insurance plan offers one of the highest coverage of up to $80,000 at an affordable premium of S$50.40 (U.P S$84) for a 1-year contract or $93.60 (U.P S$156) for a 2-year contract. Sign up now to enjoy a limited-time promotional price exclusively for Singtel customers!

Find out more about Singtel Home Protect

Singtel Home Protect is underwritten by Great Eastern General Insurance Limited. T&Cs apply. Protected up to specified limits by SDIC.

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