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7 Ways To Add A Splash Of Colour To Your Home

May 8, 2015

Most homeowners these days are looking for a subtle look with a clean finish. They stick to a neutral palette revolving around shades of white, grey and brown, hence avoiding bold hues. Colours when added the right way, bring your interior to life and help set the tone and mood of your home.

1. Painting An Accent Wall

There is nothing wrong with choosing a neutral colour scheme. Elevate this clean look by using patterned wallpaper or a bright paint colour to create contrast. This accent wall creates a twist to your interior and is sure to be an eye-catcher in your home!


Interior Designer: FSI
Location: Montreal Link (HDB, 93 sqm)


Interior Designer: Fuse Concept
Location: Strathmore Ave (HDB, 84 sqm)

2. Highlight Furnishings In Bright Hues

Incorporating an unexpected pop of colour is a great way to accentuate furnishings. Creating such statement pieces help elevate an interior in a minimalist manner without going over the top. This addition of a different hue transforms the ambience of a room by introducing variety in home décor.

A quick tip to do this is to paint over existing furniture! A fresh coat of paint in a bright hue brings old furniture to life by giving it a new look.


Interior Designer: Versaform
Location: Punggol Parc Vista (HDB, 85 sqm)

3. Wall Art

A simple yet elegant way to spruce up your interior is through wall art. Displaying wall art adds a layer of texture in a room and creates a break from bare walls. Experiment with various types of geometry, material and colour for wall décor. While paintings are a popular choice to beautify walls, consider wooden décor items or even wall decals. Striking wall art not only introduces depth in a home but also makes a great conversation starter!


Interior Designer: FSI
Location: Anchorvale Link (HDB, 98 sqm)


Interior Designer: Architology
Location: Jalan Chempedak (Landed)

4. Layering Of Coloured Accessories

Using bold hues for home décor accessories help sculpt a space and inject freshness. Throw on patterned cushions on a neutral coloured sofa or use bright coloured curtains to bring out the personality of your home.

Layering accessories using colour are a simple but significant idea to improve the visual appeal of a room. After all it is the small things that make a big difference.


Interior Design: Prozfile
Location: Canberra Residence (Condo, 56 sqm)


Image Credit:

5. Floral and Fauna

The use of flowers is perhaps the subtlest way to add a touch of colour to your interior. While fresh flowers beautify surroundings in a natural manner, artificial flowers may be the more convenient option. Consider potted plants in varying shades of green or colourful flowers in glass vases, which help incorporate the right amount of colour to your home.


Interior Designer: Linear Space Concepts
Location: Suffolk Walk (Condo, 93 sqm)


Image Credit:

6. Kitchen Tiles

A bright hue in the kitchen can be injected through the use of kitchen tiles. Homeowners can consider a bold strip of colour in their kitchen or even use a coloured backsplash. Using repeated tiles, patterns and colors will add a touch of excitement to your kitchen.


Interior Designer: Three-D Conceptwerke
Location: Eunos (HDB)


Image Credit: RICE Azulej Tiles

7. Bold Bathrooms

An average person spends 1.5 years in their bathroom so don’t neglect this space when renovating! Patterned tiles in a small bathroom can create an illusion of a bigger space while adding texture to the surroundings. Bathroom accessories or furnishings such as the sink can be an accent piece as well through the use of vibrant hues.


Interior Designer: Multiattributes
Location: Tanjong Rhu (Condo)


Interior Designer: Aiden-T
Location: West Coast Parkway (Condo, 107 sqm)

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