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8 Chinese Customs For Moving Into A New House

April 26, 2016
8 Chinese Customs For Moving Into A New House

Superstitious? Kind of. Meaningful? Definitely. More and more young couples are developing an interest in perform these home rituals and rallying their family members together to usher in a fresh beginning when they first step into their new home. You might be surprised then by the increasing number of couples who are practising these home customs when they visit their flat right after collecting their keys!

For us, our ‘kiasu’ selves will definitely not pass up any opportunity for greater prosperity. Here are 8 customs to kickstart your new life together.


1. Put your bowling skills to the test. Upon entering your home, roll one pineapple in the house while saying auspicious phrases. Not too sure what to say? Think back upon the phrases that are uttered during the tossing of yu sheng. Continue to roll the pineapple around the home while saying these auspicious phrases.

2. When entering the home, all family members should carry something auspicious. Fresh fruits such as oranges (which symbolise prosperity), pomegranates (which symbolise opportunities), peaches (which symbolise good health) and apples (which symbolise safety) are good choices which mark a sweet start to your new life.

3. Open all the doors and windows of your home. Besides welcoming fresh air and sunlight into the home, this practice signifies that the Qi energies in your house are being renewed and cleansed.


4. Proclaim the functionality of your home by turning on all the water and gas pipes and electrical appliances (leaving them on for about 3 minutes will do). We think that this is also a great way to check that everything is working well within your home!

5. Channel that inner campfire spirit. Light up your stove and set a kettle on it to boil. This symbolises that your home will be filled with warmth and that you will have a bright career.

6. To ‘bless’ every inch of your home, mix some green beans with uncooked rice, sea salt and Tie Guan Yin tea leaves and scatter these all around the home. This is believed to chase away all evils while planting the seed of wealth within the home.

8 Chinese Customs For Moving Into A New House

7. Usher in the good fortune by putting sweets on all tables and desks within the home and by placing red packets filled with new notes at places where you intend to keep your money (e.g. inside the safe, desk drawers).

8. What better way to conclude these moving-in rituals than by bonding with family over a delicious home-cooked meal. The water that has been boiled earlier can also be used for brewing a pot of Chinese tea. Besides enjoying the food, such a practice symbolises the sharing of wealth among all members of the family.

With all these done, you can now go forth and beckon in harmony and prosperity within your home.

Image credit: Fuse Concept, Lekker Architects and Free Space Intent

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