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8 Droolworthy Dining Spaces That Makes Food Taste So Good

May 18, 2015

"Some of the most important conversations I’ve ever had occurred at my family’s dinner table" – Bob Ehrlich

Singaporeans love food. This cannot be denied. We are sure many of you are familiar with the feeling of bonding with loved ones over a sumptuous dinner. While the main star is the food itself, we think the dining area should not be neglected because it is THE socialising space in the house, a corner where you unwind, feast and foster memorable evenings.

Have a glimpse into these eight homes where the dining rooms are the perfect place for everybody to eat, drink and be merry!

1. This open concept dining area is a geometrical delight to behold. Besides the dining table that can stand alone as a statement piece, the wall cabinets play with proportions by featuring open shelving among the interspersed compartments of different sizes and shapes.


Interior Designer: Project File
Location: Pinnacle@Duxton (HDB)

2. To match a stylish kitchen like this, you'll need to pair it with a dining area that is full of panache. Following closely to the industrial theme, the dining area ramped up the unpolished quotient, giving the area a youthful quirky bounce; an ideal setting for a young couple who prefers to grab a quick bite instead of getting too comfortable.


Interior Designer: Versaform
Location: Tanjong Ria (condo)

3. Bright, airy and featuring earthy tones, the dining area here is in perfect synchrony with the Scandinavian design concept that is employed in the entire home. The long cushioned bench which is attached to the dining table is an interesting feature that definitely encourages family gatherings. Rather than sticking to four boring walls, these homeowners opted for a raised wooden platform that visually partitions this area from other parts of the home.


Interior Designer: Fuse Concept
Location: Punggol Walk (HDB)

4. Creating as natural an environment as can be out of their apartment, these homeowners incorporated raw touches in their dining area in the form of the untreated marble wall and dining table which features uneven edges. The dining area also merges seamlessly with the living room area and makes it extremely convenient for one to watch their favourite dramas while having dinner at the dining table.


Interior Designer: Xprado
Location: Marine Parade (condo)

5. Have them any way you want them! That is the motto of this dining area cum kitchen where the chairs can be freely arranged to accommodate the needs of the homeowners. The kitchen counter which can be extended to form a dining table is a dream item for anyone who needs lots of space for meals preparation. After meals, simply slide the table extension back under the counter, line the chairs up in a row and voila, a whole area is freed up.


Interior Designer: The Association
Location: Haig Court (condo)

6. This dining area leaps out of the pages of a Victorian novel. Classical high-backed chairs lend an air of opulence to the space and make one feel like they are a queen or king while they are dining. The glass chandelier is another interesting feature of this room as spots of light in the shape of stars appear on the ceiling whenever the light is switched on. Perfect for a romantic dinner at home!


Interior Designer: DHOME Studio
Location: Orchard (condo)

7. Have a tea party with petit fours in this home which looks like a life-sized dollhouse. The dining area is charming and exudes a princessy-vintage feel as seen in the gingham pattern that is incorporated between the door panes and the swirling pattern used for the cushioned chairs replicated on the cushioned bench.


Interior Designer: Voila
Location: Whampoa (condo)

8. To round up our list, we can confidently say that this will be the dream dining area for many. Positioning the dining table beside the balcony gives the homeowners an unhampered view of the sea and makes it easy to have dinner under the stars or to have breakfast with the sunlight pouring down from the sky windows.


Interior Designer: Collective Design
Location: Sentosa (condo)

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