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8 Essential Moving and Packing Tips From Professionals

Whether you live alone, with your significant other, or with a few children to boot, the process of moving houses is often a pain in the neck – both figuratively and literally. But with some planning and systems in place, house moving doesn’t have to be such a pain.

Here are some tips that could make things way easier, and less stressful.

1. Clear Your Schedule

The Lorry Moving Packing House Tips
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Clear your schedule ahead of time so that you’ll have enough time to plan and get ready for your move. It’s best to keep the three days leading to your moving day free. This will give some room for you to be prepare and ensure you didn’t miss out anything.

2. Make A Checklist

The Lorry Moving Packing House Tips
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Make a checklist of all the things you have to do, like notifying the concerned parties of your address change, buying the necessary packing tools, sorting out the stuff you want to bring along, and choosing your mover, among other things.

You should also make a specific checklist of the furniture and items you’ll be bringing along, and who they belong to. Packing things according to whom it belongs to will make things more organized during the unpacking.

3. Label Everything

Systematically label all your boxes. What’s inside and to whom does it belong to?

Consider also packing a ‘first day‘ box, separate from all the other boxes. This box would contain all your essentials (shower soap, toothbrush, some clothing, some snacks), and would help you to settle in quicker before starting to unpack everything else.

4. Buy Wraps, All The Wraps

The Lorry Moving Packing House Tips
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You’d be surprised at how much plastic and bubble wrapping you’ll need when you start packing. Just to be safe, prepare ample rolls of wraps to protect your furniture, which may get knocked around during the move.

You can also look up packing tips and tricks such as using big plastic bags to pack hanged clothes, pots for storing all your spices, and using re-sealable plastic bags to the fullest.

5. Let It Go

The Lorry Moving Packing House Tips
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Hopefully, you’re not too attached to the junk you have kept around the house for no practical reason. Don’t bring clutter into your new home! You won’t be needing it more than you did in the past. (Have trouble getting rid of your clutter? You may be a hoarder…)

Consider selling your used items to someone who needs it more – plus, you get to make some spare change.

6. Decide On The Help

The Lorry Moving Packing House Tips
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Instead of asking friends and family for favours, why not get help from hired muscle? Call a few professional movers to see which is offering the best bang for your buck. Compare the varying level prices and added services. One may offer cheaper manpower (charge for the person to help you lift stuff), while other may offer assemble and dissemble services as well.

7. Check For Any Rules & Regulations

Apartment buildings usually have rules for lorries coming into the compound for unloading. It usually involves you calling the management to let them know you’ll be moving in and that you’ll be bringing a truckload of stuff with you. There may also be policies as to which days the mover can enter the compound.

8. Pay all your bills

The Lorry Moving Packing House Tips
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This one’s probably a commonly overlooked factor for those planning to move out. You obsess about what to bring, pack, and buy that you forget to pay your utility bill!

This article was done in collaboration with The Lorry.

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