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8 Eye-Catching Items You Can Dress Up Your Plain Walls With

Simple ways to add some life and colour to your room.

If there’s one aspect in the home that’s often overlooked, it’s the wall. Sure, keeping it decor-free does keep your home from looking cluttered, but the truth is, too many blank walls around the home can be boring.

Fortunately, you don’t need to spend a bomb to spiff up your walls. To kickstart your decorating process, we’ve sussed out these affordable and aesthetically-pleasing items from Shopee. Here are our top picks:

1. Tapestries | $20

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View this project by Ascend Design

Tapestries are a simple, affordable way to add a pop of colour in your home. Consider linen tapestries like these ones - they’ll fit right into most homes as the muted colours will embellish the room without being too overwhelming.

2. Wood display wall shelves | from $12.96

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View this project by Yang's Inspiration Design

These wooden display shelves come in neutral shades like pine and walnut, and will look right at home no matter the style. Feel free to mix and match the lengths of these shelves to add some visual interest to your wall.

3. Neon signages | from $9.99

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View this project by Fifth Avenue Interior

If you like the 80s vibes as shown in shows like Stranger Things, consider these neon signages. Not only do they create a retro vibe in your home, they also add some bright, funky colours that catch the eye.

4. Pegboard | from $20

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View this project by Inizio Atelier

Here’s a practical decor idea for an empty wall: put up a pegboard. Apart from it being a handy organisation tool, it can also be a platform for you to display things that make you happy - photos, plants, and figurines, for example.

5. Canvas wall art | From $3.23

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A painting can tie your home aesthetic together, so if you’ve got an empty wall, why not fill it with a matching painting? For example, these Boho-inspired canvas paintings will look great in homes with a contemporary aesthetic, and come in a variety of sizes that you can pick from.

6. Rattan mirrors | from $12.25

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View this project by Ascend Design

For a unique-looking mirror, get these rattan ones! They aren’t just cute pieces of decor - they also add some interesting, eye-catching patterns to the room.

7. Arch vases | from $2.29

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You don’t always have to hang something on the wall. If you’ve got a wall nook on your blank wall, you can simply place vases on it. Opt for simple but trendy pieces like these arch vases to decorate your wall!

8. Macrame wall hangings | from $2.97

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View this project by Dyel Design

Macrame is back and prettier than ever. Whether you’re looking to decorate your nursery or your bedroom, these macrame wall hangings soften up the room and add some texture and personality to the space.

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Decorating your blank wall with items from Shopee

Hopefully, these decor items have given you a few ideas on what to do with your own blank wall. Happy shopping and decorating!

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