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8 Fantastic Bathrooms to Kickstart Your Day

December 19, 2017

Your day starts and ends, presumably, with a trip to the bathroom. It is one of the most important yet commonly overlooked places in a home, and if you are not convinced why having it look good is so important, we’re sure that one of the bangin’ bathrooms in this list will change your mind!

1. Black is a colour that is often dismissed as the main colour for an apartment space, but kudos to these homeowners for not shying away from it and making it the colour of choice for the bathroom. And we can see why it’s a great decision – it has a gritty, urban feel, and it can also hide a multitude of sins. Nobody can tell if the counter or walls haven’t been washed in a while, not that we advocate it.

Bathroom Design Ideas in Singapore

Interior designer: 82

2. The glass doors in this bathroom not only act as a partition, they also add to the illusion that the bathroom is larger than it looks. This design is perfect for couples who can’t get enough of each other and don’t feel the need to hide what goes on behind the doors.

Bathroom Design Ideas in Singapore

Interior designer: Hall Interiors

3. Looking more like a honeymoon suite for newlyweds, this ingenious way of opening up the space and separating the bedroom from the bathroom with snazzy sliding glass doors gives the room an open and airier feel. Also, having two sinks means that there is less waiting around when you want to get your morning routine on.

Bathroom Design Ideas in Singapore

Interior designer: Fuse Concept

4. Anything but a one-shade wonder, work similar colours by playing with different textures and grain designs to create an understated look. The touches of white serve to dial up the class factor of this bathroom that could easily be mistaken for an upscale hotel’s.

Bathroom Design Ideas in Singapore

Interior designer: Mr Shopper Studio

5. Live it up like you’re on vacation mode by incorporating lush greenery into arguably the most sacred place in the house – the bathroom, of course. The plank ceiling design and curvaceous ceramic bathtub, with natural lighting streaming in through the windows, makes for a serene shower space that’s perfect for post-meditation relaxation.

Bathroom Design Ideas in Singapore

Architect: Aamer Architects

6. Why choose between going light or dark when you can have both? Both ooze appeal, as exemplified by the bathroom in this apartment. Marbled walls and counters have been around for a while now, and are likely to be favoured in many households for years to come because they add a sophisticated touch to spaces where they are used.

Bathroom Design Ideas in Singapore
Bathroom Design Ideas in Singapore

Interior designer: Linear Space Concepts

7. Where does the mirror end and where does it begin? We don’t blame you for seeing double, we totally did too. This bathroom’s expansive use of mirrors heightens the illusion of spaciousness, and works wonderfully to reflect the running black lines to create a seemingly infinite loop.

Bathroom Design Ideas in Singapore

Interior designer: Studio JP

8. Can a bathroom be atmospheric? We believe so. This bathroom in muted shades of grey and pale sand creates a thoughtful and evocative atmosphere, which is perfect for reflecting on what you have accomplished at the end of day while soaking under the envy-inducing rainforest shower head.

Bathroom Design Ideas in Singapore

Interior designer:

Watch this quick video for tips on designing your bathroom:

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