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8 Furniture To Spur Kids' Imagination

August 29, 2016

Our little ones spend the most amount of time at home, so why not make it a most conducive environment where they can rest, learn and play? Instead of barring them from that expensive (and dangerous) glass table, and shooing curious fingers away from drawers and shelves, opt for these kid-friendly furniture that will turn your home into a playground for their imagination.

The Magic Apple

Snow White-wannabes will love having this apple-inspired side table to store their bedtime storybooks or favourite toys. Comes in blue and green for brave knights too.

Apple Pop, from $249, from Born In Colour

8 Furniture To Spur Kids' Imagination

The Enchanted House

Jazz up the traditional bookshelf with a house-shaped top. This cute bookcase has ample storage space for books, dolls, toys, and also the potential to turn into a a castle or witches' lair...

House Shelf, $999, from Commune

8 Furniture To Spur Kids' Imagination

Tornado's Coming!

There are no blades, so kids can go as close as possible and feel the clean, cool wind in their faces and hair. With the hazy season, it's best to opt for the Dyson Pure Cool Link, which captures 99.95 per cent of ultra-fine particles, and has a smart feature that lets you monitor the air quality in your kids' environment when you're out.

Dyson Cool Fan, $577, Dyson Pure Cool Link Air Purifier Fan, $906, with Qanvast Group Buy Discount

8 Furniture To Spur Kids' Imagination

Sun's Out

A bright, yellow sofa -- who wouldn't love? This chirpy couch adds a punch of colour to the living room. For more nature inspirations, consider shades from the daisies and corn. And don't worry about it being too preppy. Paired with dark woods, yellow can look almost neutral.

Orphan 3 Seater, $2,610.80, from Excelsius

8 Furniture To Spur Kids' Imagination

Chocolate Heaven

This side cupboard with squares like a chocolate bar will trigger all five senses. But imagination aside, the bronze doors are hand polished with a steel wool for texture.

Chocolate Chest, $5,100, from Moss Living

8 Furniture To Spur Kids' Imagination

Let There Be Light

Rainy days doesn't mean Johnny doesn't get to play. Feel like playing a ball or frisbee indoors? No problem, if you have this wooden light (it doesn't smash into gazillion bits). Plus, it gives off a simple, Scandinavian feel that'll complement any contemporary design.

DEMMET Light, $129, from Mula Mu

8 Furniture To Spur Kids' Imagination

Bewitching Trees

Go wild with this customisable dining table with legs that recalls the jagged trees from spooky forests. Made of solid teak wood, its quirky legs gives a unique style that leaves room for imagination.

Ouelette Dining Table, $2,599, from Etch & Bolts.

8 Furniture To Spur Kids' Imagination

Pirate's Treasure

Kids will have fun with this coffee table that comprises of pine wood and gear wheel, and two compartments that turns it into an ice cream cart, or secret treasure chest! This is a great addition to any industrial decor, and a super cool toy chest to boot.

Old School Wheel Coffee Table, $1,400, from Meraki Decoration

8 Furniture To Spur Kids' Imagination

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