Handy Items for Chinese New Year 8

8 Handy Home Gadgets That You'll Need This Lunar New Year

February 2, 2018

Having family and friends over for Chinese New Year celebration seems like a good idea... until you get to the prep work and clean up. But before you say 'no' to your guests, check out these 8 handy items that will make tidying your home a whole lot easier!

1. Power Crane King Kong

Any seasoned homemaker will tell you how hard it is to clean tough-to-reach spaces like underneath the sofa and drawer. But just wait till you get your hands on a Power Crane King Kong!

This wheeled gadget certainly lives up to its (ridiculous) name as it is capable of lifting loads of up to 300 kg, and that means you'll never need to worry about struggling with heavy furniture again. Just swivel in the King Kong's wheeled units beneath hefty items and simply move them aside when it's time for some spring cleaning.

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2. Vacuum Packing Machine

There’s always – always! – leftovers after a reunion dinner or Chinese New Year get-together makan-makan. This vacuum packing machine is just what you need to keep leftovers fresher for longer. Plus, with food vacuumed and packed properly, you can stack them up neatly in the fridge.

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3. Steamboat + Grill

The best kind of CNY reunion dinner menu? Steamboat and Korean BBQ! This 2-in-1 grill lets you do both at the same time. Better yet, its removable grill is dishwasher-friendly and easy to clean, making it the perfect gadget for homeowners who love the smoky taste of grilled food but hate the icky, oily aftermath.

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4. Anova Precision Cooker

Home cooks have been posting rave reviews about this kitchen assistant, and for good reason. Sous vide cookers offer precise control over heat and that means you'll no longer need to second-guess cooking times for large cuts of meat.

Have a hefty slab of salmon that you want ready before you reach home? This Wi-Fi enabled device allows you to start cooking even when you're outside so you can return just in time for a delicious CNY dinner.

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5. A Good Bin

There are regular trash cans (meh.) and then there are automated receptacles (wow!) like Upella's soft-closing bins. Not only do these infrared-controlled bins make cleaning up convenient, their stainless steel surfaces (with fingerprint-resistant coating!) look mighty impressive wherever they are placed in your house. Available in 3 colours - black, chrome and copper.

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6. Air Purifier

Nobody likes the stink of pesky cooking smells. So get rid of them with the Breathe Air Revitalizer, which is capable of eliminating not just kitchen stink but also bathroom odours and the foul stench of tobacco. Simply add a few drops of your favourite essential oil for a pleasant-smelling home that everyone can enjoy!

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7. Robot Vacuum

Everyone’s gone home, you’re tired from all that cooking and hosting – and there’s still vacuuming to do? Tip: This robot vacuum cleaner will do all the work for you. Just press start, go to bed, and wake up to a dust- and dirt-free home.

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8. Dyson Fluffy + Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Another way to make vacuuming handy – a cordless one!

Let's face it, dealing with cords is just tiresome, not only is there a limit to where you can reach, plugging-and-unplugging your vacuum repeatedly is just downright irritating. But with the Dyson cordless vacuum, you can quickly and conveniently clean wherever you want, whenever you wish. Plus, there's even a handheld mode, which makes cleaning stairs and tight corners easy!

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