8 Romantic (and Practical) Home Renovation Ideas for Couples

February 12, 2019

From shared workstations to couple wardrobes, these 8 renovation ideas will transform your home into a love nest that’s both charming and useful.

Just like finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, it’s never easy to come up with the right renovation ideas – whether they are for a loving family home, or a cosy nest that’s just for two.

But have no fear, we’ve got your back with plenty of fresh inspiration from real-life Singapore homes. So go ahead and give your home (and romance) the facelift that it needs!

couple home renovation ideas

Interior firm: Adroit ID

1. Install his-and-hers workstations

couple home renovation ideas

Interior firm: IN-EXPAT

Whether the both of you are working from home or just need an office space for occasional use, having a loved one at your side makes any difficult task seem like a breeze. Plus, it never hurts to keep things organised with separate work areas.

2. Keep things organised with a shared wardrobe

couple home renovation ideascouple home renovation ideas

Interior firm: Adroit ID

Walk-in wardrobes are nothing new, but there are always ways to make them more useful. In the case of this well-thought-out bedroom, a front-facing shelf forms part of the walk-in’s entrance for space maximisation. Meanwhile, the wardrobe’s glass sliding door doubles as a see-through shelf barrier.

3. Have a bedroom ‘island’

couple home renovation ideas

Interior firm: Tid Plus Design

No, islands aren’t just for kitchens. These build-ins can be adapted for bedroom use – both as a convenient surface and as a see-through display case to keep each other’s belongings organised and in full view.

4. Create a bathroom for two

couple home renovation ideas

Interior firm: Ethereall

Seeing a partner going about their private business may be anathema to some, but if you’re comfortable around each other, consider including a his-and-hers vanity in your renovation plans; the pros will outweigh the cons – if they exist – because having two sinks is going to be a blessing when the (inevitable) morning rush hits.

5. Build a practical (and stylish) kitchen

couple home renovation ideascouple home renovation ideas

Interior firm: KDOT

There’s a reason why they say the best way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach: Aside from sharing a delicious meal, preparing one together is another way of building a closer relationship. And for that, a practical kitchen is going to prove helpful.

If you’re thinking of upgrading your kitchen, be sure to include useful features such as overhead shelves (that’ll keep your favourite spices on hand) and an efficient hood (so that you won’t have to end off a romantic dinner with an icky cleaning session).

6. Include a side-by-side breakfast counter

couple home renovation ideas

Interior firm: Ethereall

What better way is there to have the most important meal of the day than enjoying it with the most important person in your life?

Side-by-side counter seats are the home inclusion that’ll make your morning breakfasts more romantic. Plus, they can be a replacement for a dedicated dining area, especially if you need the space for something else.

7. Add warm bedside lights

couple home renovation ideascouple home renovation ideas

Interior firm: Authors. Interior & Styling

With ceiling lights installed in your bedroom, you may be wondering about going through the trouble of adding built-in bed lamps (especially when they seem to be little more than fancy accessories). But the truth is, they can be pretty useful in situations when you need a night light, minus the overhead glare.

8. Save some space for a cosy corner

couple home renovation ideas

Interior firm: Bowerman

Whether it’s in the living room or balcony, don’t forget to set aside part of your home as a cosy corner.

Here, you can either get your Hygge on with cosy fabrics, set up a vertical garden, or… just decorate in any way you like. Because let’s face it: What really makes home truly home is that special someone at your side.

Start building your dream home.

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