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8 Trendy Kids Room Ideas Every Parent Needs To See

You’ll be crowned the Best Parent Ever in no time! (:

Ah, kids. They grow up so fast, don’t they? Gone are the days of cradles and nappy changes – they’re now big kiddos! At this special pre-teen age, they’ll most likely want their room to be a little more “grown up” – but as an adult, you know that some home aesthetics are just too plain for their energetic little minds.

Not to worry, though, as there are always fresh ideas out there to consider. From rock climbing walls to fairy lights, here are 8 cool ideas that are perfect for your growing child.

1. Include a rock climbing wall

rock climbing wall kids bedroom
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View this project by Space Atelier

Rock climbing is fun, but let’s face it - it’s not the most wallet-friendly activity out there. If your kid’s a budding rock climber (or if they just love clambering over every surface in your home), what you can do is to install a rock climbing wall, like the owners of this condo in Trevista have done!

Located within the kid’s own bedroom, this rock climbing wall fits in seamlessly with the room’s white-and-wood colour scheme, while still adding a pop of colour to its side of the room. It’s a fun way for kids – especially the extra rambunctious ones – to expend their bountiful energy at their own time.

2. Brighten up the room with simple decor items

kids bedroom ideas
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View this project by DISTINCTidENTITY

You may think that black-and-white themes are too plain for your energetic kids, but as this room in Yishun shows, that’s not always the case. Decor items like the wooden rack and fake plant do a great job in adding a natural element to the room, and the variety of patterns here makes the room seem less dreary.

So if your heart is set on a black-and-white theme, some great decor options to add a little colour include plants, rattan, and wood. For some inspiration, here are some places you can check out:

3. Use height to create space for multiple kids

bunk beds for kids
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View this project by Swiss Interior Design

Houses in Singapore are pretty small in general, so most of us have to make do with just 3 bedrooms – which is pretty difficult, especially if you have multiple kids. But don’t let that limited floor space scare you, as there are ways to accommodate more people without packing them in like sardines.

Take a look at this bedroom in Yishun. By taking advantage of the room’s height, the IDs from Swiss Interior Design were able to maximise every inch to fit in 3 beds and even a study area! It boasts clean, neat lines that are so visually-pleasing – we also love that yellow ladder and knob that add a vibrant touch to the room.

If you’re interested in having space-saving beds, brands like Spaceman have a whole variety that maximises every inch of your kids’ room.

4. Create a loft for additional floor space

bed bunks for kids
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View this project by Black N White Haus

Loft beds are another great way to maximise vertical spaces, and this particular one in Balmoral Road is one such example. Rather than sticking to the usual, bunk bed-like layout, the perpendicular layout provides more space for features like a small cupboard.

And as if it wasn’t already cosy-looking, the warm lighting and adorable stuffed toys makes the room look even more inviting. Watch out, parents – your kids may never want to leave!

5. Purchase a sunken bed as a safety measure against falls

kids bedroom ideas
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View this project by Mr Shopper Studio

Pre-teens are prone to growth spurts every so often, and they tend to outgrow things like kids’ beds faster than you can say “teenager”. So here’s a solution: sunken beds.

It’s a win-win solution all around, as your kid won’t have to deal with feet dangling off the edge every few months, and you won’t have to buy new bed frames and mattresses every few months. Aesthetics-wise, it fits right into a home with a modern or contemporary interior design. Just take a look at this Lakeville bedroom as evidence!

6. Paste fun decals on the wall

superhero kids bedroom
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View this project by JOW Architects

Tweens are at that age to form interests of their own, but filling up their rooms with posters, figurines, or any collectibles imaginable can be a little too much. As an alternative, try getting some fun wall decals instead!

Take a leaf out of this bedroom in Tiara. The wall decal of Spiderman swinging over Brooklyn pairs well with the Marvel figurines to add a nice pop of colour to the black-and-white room. But of course, decals aren’t just limited to pop culture references – check out places like The Hidden Folks for wall decals that span from quotes to famous figures.

7. Build a deck to demarcate spaces

platform bed with study table
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View this project by Space Atelier

Apart from making a room safer, decks are a great way to fully optimise every inch of the room. As you can see from this bedroom in Trevista, the deck is cleverly designed such that there’s enough room to fit in a table, which also doubles up as a divider between the sleeping and study area. Pretty smart, if you ask us!

8. Use fairy lights to add a whimsical touch

simple kids bedroom
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View this project by Livspace

Does your kid have a vivid imagination? You can reflect their nature using things like fairy lights! With just one glance at this bedroom in Regency Park, one can immediately tell that the kid is a daydreamer – the string of lights, coupled with the Harry Potter decor and world map, really brings out the whimsical, dreamy vibes of the room.

If you’d like to do something similar for your kid, check out places like Shiok Lighting and Vio for their range of aesthetically-pleasing lights. For the decor, you may want to check out HOOGA, which has a wide range of Scandinavian-themed accessories.

Creating a beautiful kids’ room is within your reach!

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