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A Contemporary Home Designed for Royalty

July 2, 2015

Ever wondered what it is like to live in the lap of luxury? The owners of this gorgeous, glamorous home are certainly familiar with that feeling! With the assistance of the team at DHOME STUDIO, these homeowners have managed to create a contemporary residence that channels an aura of sophistication.

Accents of gold, silver and black throughout the home evoke an air of opulence which is complemented by the warm yellow lighting that lends a romantic vibe to the space.

A Contemporary Home Designed for Royalty

What better way to convey opulence than through the use of diamonds? The wall surrounding the TV set uses a design centred on diamonds to good effect. Classy and sophisticated, this wall is a standout design element that complements the overall luxe vibe of the home.

The chandelier dangling atop the dining room table is another statement piece. Comprised of many tiny LED lights, the design of this chandelier deviates from the usual lighting fixtures that are favoured by homeowners of contemporary homes. An interesting piece, we say, and one whose effect is enhanced by the positioning of a large mirror beside the dining table. Definitely a clever way to show off the chandelier!

A Contemporary Home Designed for Royalty

Each bedroom of this home may have a different design but all of them work cohesively to channel a sophisticated vibe. We especially love the bedroom where the bed is positioned on a platform which has a recessed lighting strip emanating soft yellow lighting from beneath it. The rounded edges of the platform emphasize the sensuousness of the space and together with the yellow lighting, set the mood for a night of romance.

A Contemporary Home Designed for Royalty
A Contemporary Home Designed for Royalty
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