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A Couple’s Sengkang Home Where Light and Dark Accents Meet

September 9, 2020

An inability to decide on either a minimalist or industrial theme led to this couple’s nest that takes inspiration from both styles.

Without going deeper into Pricilia’s 4-room home at Sengkang, it can be hard to tell that it’s a blend of two different aesthetics.

While its living area gives the impression of a minimalist space with an easy-going white-and-wood look, inner spaces of the couple’s nest, such as its kitchen and boudoir, instead feature a darker, industrial style-inspired colour scheme.

Sengkang Central by Posh Home
Sengkang Central by Posh Home

View this project by Posh Home

“The reason is because my husband and I have rather extreme differences in design tastes,” says Pricilia. “I wanted a somewhat minimalist space with plenty of wood tones and pastel hues, but my husband is a fan of the industrial look and prefers darker colours.”

Thankfully, with Posh Home’s help, a balance between their design tastes was achieved, resulting in this contemporary abode that’s both homely and classy. Keep scrolling for the full home tour!

About herself and her home

Pricilia (P): It’s just my husband and myself living in this flat. But when we first started home-hunting, one of our criteria was to find a place that’s large enough to accommodate both our future children as well as extended family.

We bought this flat because it’s cosy and easy enough to maintain between the both of us. Plus, we didn’t want to settle for a very old flat either, so at 10 years old, this resale home is perfect.

singapore interior design sengkang HDB flat posh home

The communal area (right) and kitchen (left) prior to the renovation.

Sengkang Central by Posh Home

The whole idea for our renovation was to turn this 4-room flat into a homely, cosy space, but with a touch of luxury, so that it feels like you’re walking into a hotel suite; it’s also partly why we kept the pebble wash finish that the previous owners built at the entryway.

Not only are the pebbles a nice natural touch, they’re also a feature that I’m sure most HDB flats don’t have, and that definitely adds to the character of our home.

About the living room’s makeover

P: For the living room’s renovation, we focused mainly on the built-ins. It’s definitely neater after the renovation because there are plenty of display cabinets to house our collectibles. There’s also a ‘hidden’ dining table that can be stowed away in the storage wall for more room along the passageway.

Furniture-wise, all we have is a rug, three-seater sofa and a TV. There’s also a really slim power track installed beneath our TV, which helps to minimise cable clutter.

Sengkang Central by Posh Home

I chose a marble laminate for the accent wall because it looks trendy. But as much as I like marble patterns, there needs to be a balance – which is why all of our cabinets have a contrasting dark wood texture that looks and feels authentic.

On changes made to the kitchen

P: The kitchen is one of the areas that we placed more attention on during our renovation. Previously, it had a U-shaped layout that made the space feel tighter.

Renovating the kitchen gave it a totally new look and feel – I told Posh Home that we wanted a L-shaped configuration, full-height cabinets and enough space to accommodate a fridge on the inside.

Sengkang Central by Posh Home

View this project by Posh Home

Part of the kitchen’s exterior wall was removed and replaced with a sliding glass door – this way, it would look more open and spacious. And to create the industrial vibe that my husband likes, we chose a black steel frame for the door, instead of just using regular glass panels.

About the master bedroom’s makeover

P: When we first bought the house, the owner already had a platform bed, so we decided to have one too; the good thing about it is that there’s more storage space compared to my previous bed, so it’s easier to fit belongings that we rarely use like our winter clothing.

singapore interior design sengkang HDB flat posh home

The master bedroom (right) and its en suite (left) before the renovation.

singapore interior design sengkang HDB flat posh home

Because there wasn’t enough room for side tables, our designer came up with the idea of having a set of storage drawers behind our bed; the handles are customised leather pulls that she purchased from LavaVella. The counter uses fingerprint-proof quartz, so it functions as an easy-to-maintain dressing table as well.

Also, we don’t have a TV in here because I am of the opinion that the bedroom should be a place for rest.

On the redesigned master en suite and common bathroom

P: The master en suite is another space that we paid extra attention to, because whenever we book a hotel room or an AirBnb, a nice bathroom would be one of our main criteria.

singapore interior design sengkang HDB flat posh home

The master en suite and shower area.

Overall, I would describe our master bathroom to be similar to a hotel’s – just without a bathtub. The floor uses regular tiles with a wood accent, but for the shower we chose a pebble wash finish, just like the entryway’s floor.

It took some time to get used to the pebbles because stepping on them was a little painful due to their size, but nowadays I think of it as having my own foot reflexology path in the bathroom. [laughs]

Sengkang Central by Posh Home

The common bathroom

Since the master bathroom has a darker colour scheme, we decided to balance things out by having a bright common bathroom. It has the same pebble wash flooring in the shower area too, and also a custom cabinet with fabric texture laminates – the cabinet’s latches have a push mechanism, which makes them quite satisfying to use.

To sum up

P: We worked with Ingshan, who is our designer from Posh Home. She gave us a very good impression right from the start as she not only listened to our concerns, but also asked very detailed questions on what we needed.

It was this professionalism that convinced us she was the right designer for us – and looking at our home now, I’m glad that we chose her.

Sengkang Central by Posh Home

I've always wanted a comfortable space for us – that used to be a dream, but now that it has come true, I’m really happy. It might not be the most luxurious space, but as our first home, there’s definitely a sense of satisfaction and achievement that I’ll forever associate with it.

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