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A Dog Designs Home

April 2, 2015

Is your dog hoarding the whole couch or taking up more than half of your king-sized bed? If that’s the case, have you wondered how it would be if your dog was given the free rein to design your home her way? In search for the answer, we feel it is only appropriate to ask a dog herself.

So today, we have Latte, an adorable West Highland Terrier to do some interior planning for us.

Ready or not, here’s what your home would look like if a dog designed it:


Latte: "My humans will be moving into their new BTO flat at Punggol in two years. Even though they have been discussing how they want our home to look like, they never once asked me what I thought! It’s alright, they will come around. Till then, all I can do is dream of a home that is designed around me, me, and me!

But dreams aside, what us pups really want is a loving home. All the smelly socks and chicken bones in the world cannot replace the love and companionship of our humans. I make sure they know that by generously offering warm licks on their faces. I don’t care whether they are welcomed or not!"

About Latte

Latte is a two-year old female West Highland White Terrier. She’s also a sweetheart that knows boundless love and happiness. When not guest writing at Qanvast, she blogs at and shares her photo diary on Instagram.


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