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A Modern-Minimalist Condo That Exudes Understated Elegance

Wanting a simple design that exuded a sense of class, homeowner Dennis turned to interior design firm, Design by Fifteen, who transformed their 5-bedroom condo into an elegant, modern family home.

We sat down for a quick chat with him about his smooth renovation journey with his interior designer turned friend, Jasment.

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On engaging Design by Fifteen

Dennis (D): Personally, we didn’t really want to work with a big interior design firm because we felt like they might not be able to prioritise our project. So we decided to go with Design by Fifteen because we liked their designs, and its a relatively small firm. Their quote was also reasonable and we also liked our designer Jasment’s design concept, honesty and sincerity.

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On planning their space

D: We initially toyed with the idea of hacking the wall between our living room and now entertainment room to create a platform in the living area. However, my two sons didn’t really like that idea as they often have friends over, so they preferred to have more rooms.

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On practical advice from their designer

D: Jasment advised us to change all our floor tiles. He said that the original vinyl flooring was a cheaper type that would warp over time, so we took his advice.

He also recommended a coating for our flooring so that we don't have to clean the grout. I feel that it was very worthwhile for us to do this.

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On their biggest splurge

D: I'd say the lights above the dining table. It’s imported from Italy and cost us about $3,000. Although it looks simple, I think it suits the design very well.

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On their thoughts about their designer, Jasment

D: Jasment has a good attitude, and is an honest and sincere designer who wants to do a good job for his firm’s reputation and for his future.

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Post-renovation thoughts

D: We’ve stayed here for over a year already but whenever we call Jasment up, he will help us to rectify even minor issues. He even helped us with our wallpaper issue which we greatly appreciate since the wallpaper was something which we had sourced by ourselves.

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D: Even though we’ve already exceeded the developer warranty of one year, Jasment still helps us out whenever we approach him. He has really become our friend over the course of the renovation and I believe he helps us more because of friendship and goodwill than because of his liability for our home’s design.

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