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A Modern, Pastel-Filled Family Home with Plenty of Warmth

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While some people look forward to owning a place that they can have all to themselves, homeowner Marilyn Dee certainly isn’t one of them.

“I wanted a home that looks bright and clean. Something that feels fresh for everyone,” says Marilyn, who shares this comfy 4-room condominium apartment with her husband, new-born child, and domestic helper.

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Featuring as many sleek storage solutions as cosy soft furnishings, the pastel-filled surroundings of this 232 sqm residence are equal parts efficient and welcoming.

To find out more about its creation, we had a chat with Marilyn, who worked with local interior design firm Mr Shopper Studio to create the inside of her family-friendly abode.

About plans for our home’s design:

Marilyn (M): For the house, my husband and I wanted it to feel bright and clean. And to accomplish that, we had to make sure that there would be plenty of open space in the communal areas between the living room and the kitchen.

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As for the bedrooms, there were also some layout changes that we planned to make. For the master bedroom, we had the configuration altered so that the balcony would be kept separate from the sleeping area; and for the junior master bedroom, we had an en suite bathroom built in.

To make it more child-friendly, we also had the bottom of the staircase sealed up and transformed into a storage area.

Our thoughts about the house, post-renovation:

M: We are very pleased with the end result of the renovation, it’s looks even better than how we had initially envisioned it. My favourite spaces are the bedroom and the nursery because of how comfortable and dreamy they look. On the other hand, my husband loves the outdoor kitchen and patio at the rooftop (not pictured).

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About finding Mr Shopper Studio:

M: We got to know about Mr Shopper Studio through their Facebook page, and we took a liking to their previous projects based on the photos that we saw.

Subsequently, we met up with one of the company’s designers, Ben, to discuss the renovation. Ben was easy to speak with, and he not only proposed his own ideas, but also proposed ways to improve ours.

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On working with Mr Shopper Studio:

M: It was great working with them. Overall, the project was completed on schedule and within budget.

I feel that their workmanship is excellent, and any minor defects we have had since the renovation have been quickly rectified by them. They were also quick to respond to our messages and were very open in their communication.

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The only complaint that I have is that some of our initial ideas were turned down by the project manager as “impossible”, even though they were agreed to in the end.

How the renovation process went:

M: The renovation was completed on schedule, and that was important because of our new-born.

As for terms of hiccups, we encountered some issues with both the design of the staircase railings and the size of the fridge’s recess in the kitchen.

Although we insisted that the staircase be done according to the original drawings, a compromise was made for the fridge problem. We exchanged it (the fridge) for one that fit and accepted a small re-design for the kitchen cabinetry.

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About sourcing for materials and furniture:

M: For materials, such as tiles, we visited showrooms with Ben and also selected them based on samples that he had on hand.

Mr Shopper Studio also provided suggestions for all the furnishings in our place as well as where to view them. We did some furniture and appliance shopping on our own too, and had some products imported from China to lower the renovation cost. We probably spent a total of S$10,000 on outfitting the entire house.

We also had a good experience at More Than Just a Sofa, where we bought the nursing chair and outdoor furniture.

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To sum up:

M: In my opinion, if you want a beautiful home that you can be proud of, you’ll need to hire a good designer who is able to deliver quality work, along with innovative and functional ideas in a timely manner. Someone like that is also more likely to provide reliable follow-up services as well.

Another important piece of advice: Do get a full breakdown of renovation costs stating the materials clearly, this way you’ll know what exactly you’re being charged for. Also, do check in regularly with your designer to prevent any miscommunication early on.

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