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A Playful Retrolicious Home In Bedok

February 13, 2015

The team at Fuse Concept took on the task to fill this condominium with warmth using lots of thoughtful retro details. The resulting home is one that is incredibly cosy and inviting.

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A playful mishmash of retro elements greets you in the living room; tonals of brown retro-accented furniture, down to the wood encased speakers flanking the TV console and even a rotary dial telephone.

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As simple as the dining space is, the lantern-style light fixture that overhangs the spacious marble table adds a sense of old world oriental elegance.

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The focal point of this apartment might just be the study room. It houses an upright piano, with storage cupboards and some shelving built into the wall. Large windows and the cast iron grilled glass partition allow plenty of natural light to flow through making it a great space for work and play.

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The kitchen continues on the note of simplicity. Clean, with lots of storage and working surface area. The glass panelling on the walls is a great option for homeowners who use their kitchens regularly. They don’t stain and are a breeze when you have to give the walls a good scrubbing.

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Fuse Concept has gave a unique personality and individuality to many homes. Why not explore their projects on the Qanvast app and connect with them directly if you'd like them to do up your dream home.


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