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A Resale is the Last Thing You’d Think of This Pristine Home

Monochrome homes may involve a simple palette comprised of two hues, but it takes the discerning eye of an experienced designer to achieve the right balance between black and white.

Fortunately for homeowner Adrian and his wife, this challenge was taken care of by Will from The Roomakers, whose detailed planning not only ensured that the decor came out right, but also led to the creation of a well-organised home, packed with efficient storage solutions.

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What we like about our house:

Adrian (A): It’s a cosy space. After a hard day of work, this is a place where I can chill out and feel most at home. It feels functional as well because there are enough cabinets to satisfy our storage needs.

My wife and I like to chill out and watch TV in the study room, because it’s a very cosy space. We also like hanging out at the island, which is also a communal area for us.

About our kitchen’s design:

Kitchen Island - Baking Corner
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A: We wanted an open-concept kitchen so we hacked the existing walls away. We asked Will to build in a suspended shelf above the bar for our wine bottles and other miscellaneous belongings; there's also a pull-out larder that we got Will to install.

Both my wife and I enjoy baking too, so there are a couple of built-in features that make things easier for us, such as additional shelving for recipe books; a cabinet for storing baking equipment; as well as additional electrical points to power our kitchen appliances.

Service Yard
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On finding an interior designer:

A: We shortlisted interior designers from Qanvast and those featured in interior designer magazines.

Right from the start, we wanted a black-and-white theme for our home so we mainly looked at designers who have similar projects in their portfolio. We also looked at reviews from past clients so we could ascertain which one to work with.

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On selecting The Roomakers as their interior designer:

A: The main reason we chose to work with The Roomakers was because we felt like the designer, Will, was a very accommodating person. We were also comfortable talking to him because of our shared chemistry.

Furthermore, Will was able to keep to the allocated budget and finish the project within a three-month timeframe – this allowed us to move in on time, which was great as it saved us from incurring additional charges from our then rental home.

Condo renovation by Roomakers
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When planning on the home design:

A: Will created a very detailed lighting plan, which includes built-in illumination for the wardrobe as well as ambient lights around the home.

He also urged us to think about the location of our sockets and switches. For example, he suggested that we have switches at both side of the bed for convenience. Essentially, he did a good job of putting himself in our shoes when planning out the house.

Bedroom - Platform Bed
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On working with Roomakers:

A: Will managed the project very well, there was little to no deviation from the planned timeline. Besides communicating with Will via WhatsApp, we also shared a Google drive with him so that he could upload the renovation schedule and drawings for easy access.

Coordination between Will's contractor and his sub-contractors also went smoothly. For example, there was a gas pipe that had to be inspected by an approved party and he assisted us with finding the right help.

Condo renovation by Roomakers
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On the greatest challenge during the renovation:

A: Sourcing for materials, such as the floor and wall tiles, was challenging. We had to make repeated visits to the tile vendors to shortlist the designs that we liked. There were over 30 designs that we took a liking to, and it was a tough narrowing them down.

Condo renovation by Roomakers
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Our advice to fellow homeowners:

A: It’s important to get all the design elements right at the get-go because it’s tough to make changes once the renovation work begins. Even the smallest details like carpentry dimensions carpentry should be planned right from the start. Also, leaving (decor-related) matters to your designer is great, but be clear about what you want.

When it comes to searching for an interior designer, you should find someone who you have chemistry with. He/she should also be a dedicated individual who you can trust to complete things on time.

Condo renovation by Roomakers
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