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At 261sqm, This Huge Penthouse is Bright and Airy Done Right

November 7, 2018

For homeowner Danny, the shift was a welcome upgrade that would accommodate his family’s growing needs. Though, it didn’t hurt that their new, 261sqm apartment also came blessed with high ceilings and full-length windows! Bringing in an incredible amount of light, it also served as the primary inspiration for their home’s look.

While a bright, airy concept can come off looking too bare in a huge apartment, Danny’s newly renovated abode manages to achieve a perfect balance. It’s clean and uncluttered, yet it also looks equally cosy and intimate. Here, Danny shares with us what when down in his renovation journey, and how ID firm Meter Square assisted in creating his family’s dream cove:

Meter Square Renovation Journey D'Nest Pasir Ris

About the homeowner(s)

Danny (D): I’m Danny, and I live together with my wife, our 3 teenage daughters and a cat. My mum comes over to stay from time to time. I work in the IT industry, but I now spend quite a bit of my spare time on wildlife photography. It’s very convenient that our home is just a stone’s throw away from both Pasir Ris Park and Tampines Eco Garden!

Meter Square Renovation Journey D'Nest Pasir Ris

On their must-haves

D: We love that the house is directly North South facing so we do not have the effects of direct morning or evening sun shining in. Yet with the given high ceilings and plentiful windows all round, the place is bright and very airy. As such, we wanted to highlight that feature with a clean, modern theme that won’t look overly cluttered.

D: We also planned to have an open concept kitchen with wet and dry areas, as well as a dining space that’s spacious and separate from the living room. Other must-haves included having a standalone laundry room and smart technology wired into our entire home – especially smart lighting.

Meter Square Renovation Journey D'Nest Pasir Ris

On their home’s inspiration

D: We had a very strong preference towards a modern, contemporary look – clean straight lines but with a dash or two of luxury thrown in but nothing loud. In terms of colours and finishes, we were going for mostly white and/or light wood laminates, along with glass and dark, mirrored accents. There were possibly some bits of MUJI-inspired elements in our look too.

Meter Square Renovation Journey D'Nest Pasir Ris

On finding an interior professional

D: Our initial search for ID was done primarily online, using Facebook and through home renovation portals such as Qanvast. We met up with about 5 to 6 ID in all - while the meet ups were pleasant, we felt that some IDs were quite reluctant to articulate and discuss about design (prior to any contract being signed).

D: However, for Meter Square, we liked that they were able to meet us halfway. Towards the end of our first meeting, they told us that they were able to prepare a detailed design proposal, complete with 3D drawings for a more accurate quotation at a nominal fee. Every other ID we had spoken to would only give us a ‘generic’ quotation and told us that they would only proceed with a detailed design after the contract is signed. To us, the option Meter Square gave us was the clincher.

Meter Square Renovation Journey D'Nest Pasir Ris

On the renovation process

D: The entire renovation went on smoothly – project management by Meter Square was done well and there were no major nasty surprises. Sure, there were some corrections, adjustments and touch-up work required along the way, but those were followed up promptly. We also made several changes to the design and added quite a lot of additional carpentry work midway. However, Meter Square was able to accommodate and incorporate these edits into the timeline.

Meter Square Renovation Journey D'Nest Pasir Ris

On shopping for furniture and appliances

D: We spread our shopping trips all across Singapore, but eventually bought loose furniture mainly from Marquis Furniture Gallery and BoConcept, while appliances were mostly from Harvey Norman and Best Denki. And though we had not originally planned to spend too much on loose furniture, but we eventually found ourselves spending quite a lot on a few pieces of furniture from Italy! We also spent quite a bit on our master bedroom’s mattress, but for the comfort and good night’s rest it was well worth it.

Meter Square Renovation Journey D'Nest Pasir Ris

Advice for new homeowners

D: It’s important to do your homework, be very clear about how you want your home to look in as much detail as possible, especially when it comes to the type of materials, fittings and finishes. From there, work out a budget and meet with various IDs to understand how they could best fit your needs. Also, make it a point to visit their complete projects to personally judge the quality of their finished works.

D: Likewise, ensure that your expectations on the quality of work, materials, fittings and finishes are all translated clearly in the contract, so that there are no misunderstandings between all parties.

Meter Square Renovation Journey D'Nest Pasir Ris

About their home (in one sentence)

D: Bright, airy, spacious and comfortable – a space where I could rejuvenate and relax all day in.

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