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Bath or Shower? Find Out What Are You & Win a TOTO WASHLET!

After a long day hustling nonstop at work, wouldn’t it feel wonderful to have a nice, hot bath to look forward to? A peaceful evening with nothing but the warm, soothing water washing away all our troubles for the day is the perfect way to wind down for the night.

TOTO Washlet
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You probably don’t even realize just how important it is. Other than for obvious hygiene reasons, taking a dip in the tub or stepping into a hot shower can heighten our moods, enhance our sleep and relieve muscle pain! It’s amazing just how much we can benefit from such a simple daily ritual.

There’s two categories we all fall into- you’re either a shower type or a bath type.

Some of us take quick showers, preferring to spend more time on the couch than in the bathroom. According to a recent research by MOEN Incorporated, more men prefer to take shorter showers than women.

Say, what?

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It makes sense when you think about it. Women simply take a longer time for their beauty routines. There’s makeup removal, hair conditioning, maybe deep hair masking, exfoliating… most men skip these steps. And interestingly, men enjoy a soothing shower so much that they tend to take more showers in a day than women do!

As for those of you who prefer baths to showers, we get it. There’s just something incredibly luxurious about drawing a warm bath, with the fragrance of scented candles light in the air. 74% of the respondents from the MOEN study who preferred baths might just agree with us on this.

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Women are able to better appreciate the experience of taking a relaxing baths by adding bathbombs, bath salts and oils to enhance this rejuvenating experience.

Men, on the other hand, prefer a quick shower with showerheads, using only shampoo and soap in their shower routines.

Stand a Chance to Win a TOTO WASHLET

TOTO Washlet
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Find out if you are more of a bath or shower person with this <#winTOTOWASHLET personality test> and stand a chance to win a TOTO WASHLET (model no: TCF6531SP) that’s worth S$1,590! With its pre-mist feature, deodorizer and heated seat cover, the TOTO WASHLET will be a luxurious addition to your washroom.

Like and follow @TOTOAsiaOceania on Facebook page, and like & share the Facebook post on the quiz in order to be eligible for the giveaway. This quiz is open to residents residing in Singapore only.

Images credit from TOTO

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