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Before Buying Any Tableware, Always Check for These 5 Things

September 5, 2018 · Paid Partnership with Luzerne Singapore

When it comes to eating and dining at home, most of us would probably pay attention to the food preparation of things. Is the type of food healthy? Does it taste good? Is it prepared safely?

But what we often overlook though, is where these foods are being served on. Turns out, the types of bowls and plates that you’re using can affect the way you dine - and your health! So, before you grab that fancy dining set you’ve been eyeing, tableware maker Luzerne shares 5 important things to look out for picking a set that’s safe, long-lasting and right for your lifestyle:

Choosing Right Tableware - Luzerne

1. What type of ceramic is it made from?

There are many types of tableware materials on the market - plastic, glass, melamine, ceramic, wood, etc. However, ceramic is by far the most durable and widely used choice. Why? Unlike melamine and plastic wares, ceramic tableware is highly resistant to stains, and is microwave-safe. Similarly, ceramic pieces are less susceptible to breakage, and are more temperature resistant than glass.

Do note though, that the term ‘ceramic’ is actually a catch-all phrase that includes earthenware, stoneware, bone china, fine china and porcelain. And, each type can vary in appearance, durability, porosity and texture! Here, we’ve done a quick breakdown of each:

Choosing Right Tableware - Luzerne

Our top low-maintenance pick? Fine china – which is equally hardy and elegant, without the hefty price tag of bone china. Handcrafted in Dehua, China – the World Ceramics Capital and birthplace of Blanc de Chine - each Luzerne fine china tableware piece is fired at 1,280C, resulting in a chip, scratch and stain resistant product that holds up in extreme temperatures. Its non-porous surface prevents the absorption of grease and bacteria as well, for tableware that’s hygienic and easy to care.

2. Is it cruelty-free and suited for your lifestyle?

Think ‘a plate is just a plate’? Think again. Ceramic plates aren’t purely made from clay itself, with some containing substances that might be unfit for certain lifestyles. For instance? Bone china tableware. Containing animal bone ashes, bone china may not be suitable for those with religious concerns (e.g. Muslims, Hindus) nor is it an ethical choice – especially when the origins of these ashes are iffy at best.

Choosing Right Tableware - Luzerne

Your best bet? Stick with fine china – which is made from clay that’s totally free from any animal traces.

3. Is it lead and cadmium free?

Truth is, not all tableware is made in a safe, environment-friendly manner. Some cheaply made ceramic pieces may contain traces of toxic metals like cadmium in its raw material or utilise glazes that contain toxic levels of lead - which may leach into food and drink served on these pieces. Yikes.

Invest in a quality set from a brand that’s transparent about its manufacturing process. From elegant, ivory-hued sets to striking coloured pieces, Luzerne’s tableware range uses raw materials that are fired twice, for 30 - 40 hours to eliminate any traces of harmful substances. Plus, its lead and cadmium-free products are compliant to strict US Food & Drug Administration and California Proposition 65 food safety standards – providing an extra peace of mind whilst you dine.

Choosing Right Tableware - Luzerne

4. Are there any warranties?

While not available in all tableware sets, it’s certainly a plus point (and an assurance) that the ceramic tableware piece you’re getting is of decent quality. Tableware guarantees can range from years or the number of washes, and for a variety of defects (chips, scratches, dulling, etc.). In fact, Luzerne offers a 5 year / 5000 washesª guaranteeº for its wares of being chip resistant`, dishwasher/freezer/microwave safe, oven-proof and shine resilient.

Choosing Right Tableware - Luzerne

5. Is it easy to maintain?

With its tough, hardy exterior, many of us pretty much expect our ceramic bowls and plates to last us a lifetime without trying. Well, even the most resilient fine china tableware can ‘crack’ under pressure and misuse! But it’s not only about its unsightly look - chipped, stained or dulled tableware can pose a couple of health risks as well, such as causing cuts or promoting bacterial growth.

Thus, check a tableware set’s care instructions before using – or purchasing. This is especially important if the wares have any warranties attached, as most guarantees will not cover rough handling or wear and tear. Unsure about a piece’s care guidelines? Here are some general do’s and don’ts to prolong the lifespan of your ceramic tableware:

  • Load them properly on dish racks for drying
  • Avoid piling heavier wares on lighter ones
  • Avoid stacking items not designed for stacking, like cups and mugs.
  • Wash gold/platinum foiled plates by hand with mild detergent
  • Avoid scrubbing gold/platinum foiled plates with steel wool while cleaning
Choosing Right Tableware - Luzerne

Affordable, socially-conscious tableware that’s built to last

Elevating the art of everyday dining, Luzerne’s fine china tableware provides the ultimate assurance for any lifestyle. Each handcrafted piece is ethically produced under the strictest safety regulations for a tough, non-porous product that’s impervious to stains, chips, scratches, extreme temperatures and even bacterial growth.

From classic whites, retro enamel-effect wares to contemporary textured pieces, Luzerne offers a broad variety of styles and sizes to enhance any dining experience – be it every day eating or luxury dining. Free from animal products, Luzerne’s ceramic production facility is also the first in the world to attain Halal certifications – providing an extra peace of mind for Muslim households. To shop and discover its full range of tableware, visit

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Choosing Right Tableware - Luzerne

ª Does not apply to gold and platinum items.
º Guarantee extends only to replacement of damaged products due to manufacturing defects and not caused by misuse, abuse or mishandling or the products.
` Applies only to rolled edge tableware (primarily from the Eco and Oriental collections) and not to other products.
ˆ Applies to in-glaze and on-glaze products only.

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