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‘Buy Less, But Better’ at This Scandi-Chic Furniture Store

September 26, 2018

Want lasting, eco-friendly, and design-centric pieces for your home? Local Scandinavian furniture store Kühl Home is the place you need to check out.

Furniture: by supporting day-to-day activities, like working or eating, these accessories and fittings transform houses into liveable homes.

But is that bulky dresser really necessary? Do you really need a full dining set for an area that’s smaller than a bedroom? These are the type of questions that Scandinavian furniture store Kühl Home invites homeowners to think about when they come over to shop.

Scandinavian furniture store singapore kuhl home

“We want to help people to really make the right decisions for their first or second home, in terms of the size or setting – and unusually, this means we encourage people to buy less, but better,” says Kühl Home Director Rhiannon Hills.

Scandinavian furniture store singapore kuhl home

Matching the mantra are the various furniture available at Kühl Home’s Pasir Panjang showroom that consist of ‘beautifully-curated pieces of design’ from known European designer brands like Bolia, Skovby, and Umage (formerly VITA Copenhagen), which not only look great, but are also practical, innovative, and most importantly, safe to use.

Says Rhiannon about the brands that Kühl Home carries: “Fair value, good-quality ingredients, and a long guarantee are key characteristics that we believe are key to Kühl Home’s identity. And that’s how we select the brands that we partner with.”

Scandinavian furniture store singapore kuhl home

If you’re looking for something that’ll suit the needs of your little ones, Kühl Home also carries a range of safety-guaranteed, value-for-money bedroom pieces from Danish manufacturer Lifetime Kidsrooms.

Scandinavian furniture store singapore kuhl home

That said, the collection is located in a separate kids-dedicated space at Boon Leat terrace that’s a quick five-minute walk away from Kühl Home’s main showroom (but shoppers can soon skip the trip, since it’ll be moving into the same space come October this year).

Just like the pieces available at its main space, the loft beds, cots and wardrobes sold here are safe for the entire family as they are made only using solid pine wood and non-toxic materials.

Plus, due to the modular manner that Lifetime Kidsrooms pieces are designed, you won’t have to worry about your kids outgrowing them too quickly. For instance, you can convert an existing bunk bed into two, separate single beds for a pair of young teens, or even configure them to suit different stages of your child’s development and/or daily needs.

Scandinavian furniture store singapore kuhl home

Here's what we saw at Kühl Home!

Scandinavian furniture store singapore kuhl home

During our visit to Kühl Home, we got the chance to see a number of cool Scandinavian pieces that really impressed us. Here are some of our favourites:

1. Skovby SM33 dining table

Scandinavian furniture store singapore kuhl home

Manufactured by Skovby, a Danish family brand that dates back to 1933(!), the SM33 is capable of seating between six to nine people, thanks to its unique patented extension system. By rotating a turntable underneath the tabletop, this reveals three extension leaves that can be unfolded to expand the SM33’s surface area.

2. Skovby SM101 multi-function table

Scandinavian furniture store singapore kuhl home

Yet another multi-function dining table by Skovby, but one that won’t look awkward even outside of the dining area – the SM101 comes with two lift-up leaves on both sides that allow it to be expanded.

But that’s not all, this versatile table even comes with a large storage drawer; wheels for easy movement; and even a reversible tabletop with a wooden surface on one side, and a heatproof, stainless-steel surface on the other.

3. Bolia Fluffy sofa bed

Scandinavian furniture store singapore kuhl home
Scandinavian furniture store singapore kuhl home

Last on the list is the Fluffy by Bolia. While it may seem like just another sofa bed, it’s one that compromises neither in form nor function. Featuring rounded edges for a contemporary look, along with an easily-convertible folding system, the Fluffy is the perfect compact two-seater (or bedder, if you’d like) for a cosy night in with a loved one.

Kühl Home
100E Pasir Panjang Rd, #01-01 Century Warehouse, Singapore 118521
Opening hours: 10am to 6pm (Mon to Sat) and 12pm to 6pm (Sunday)

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