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Buying A Sink? 5 Secrets Shops Won't Tell You

June 2, 2017 · Paid Partnership with iQuartz Singapore

A hardware store can tell you everything under the sun about kitchen sinks, but they won’t tell you this - sinks aren’t as hardy (or well designed) as we think, and many problems arise over time, ranging from the dirty, unsightly to the dangerous!

iQuartz Hachi Sink

Interior Designer: Flipside Design

In fact, most common sink models suffer from these 5 secret issues, which could potentially harm your kitchen (and health)! We reveal what are they, and why iQuartz’s revolutionary flush-mount Hachi Sink is the ultimate sink to put those woes to rest.

Secret #1: Most Sinks Trap A Ton Of Dirt

For something that's meant to clean, your kitchen sink can get really dirty! But before we go into detail, here's a primer on two most common kitchen sink types you might encounter when shopping:

iQuartz Hachi Sink

Interior Designer: Uno Interior

  • Top Mount Sinks: Sink is placed on top of a countertop, with the sink edges sealed, holding it up.
iQuartz Hachi Sink

Interior Designer: Darwin Interior

  • Under Mount Sinks: Sink placed below the countertop. The sink is secured by silicon adhesives only; it is first placed on the kitchen cabinet base then topped with a countertop slab.

Unfortunately, these types of sinks are a hotbed for dirt ; a top-mount sink’s elevated ‘lip’ easily traps debris at the crevices on its sides. While the structure of an undermount sink looks seamless and users can easily push dirt off the countertop, particles often lay trapped between the silicon seals (which might be further eroded after constant use, leading to gaps and tears).

iQuartz Hachi Sink

However, there's a new kid on the block - a flush mount sink! iQuartz Hachi’s flush mount kitchen model takes the trouble out of these nasty dirt traps. Why? The ledges of the sink are made level with the countertop, providing an uninterrupted transition to the bowl. Plus, its flat surface leaves no room for grime to be stuck into - making cleaning up fuss-free and efficient.

Secret #2: And Are A Hotspot For Mould (and Algae)

iQuartz Hachi Sink


A lethal combination - organic food particles with a constant water supply. Left unnoticed, the extra moisture surrounding your sink could turn into a breeding ground for harmful mould or fungus. Usually in the form of black or green slime (with a funky smell), these mould produce toxins which may lead to allergies or illnesses!

iQuartz Hachi Sink

Of course, it doesn’t help that places where dirt is accumulated on top and under mount sinks are the same areas that suffer from water leakages. Thankfully, flush-mount sinks like the Hachi Sink allow water to be wiped straight down to the bowl without any additional ledges; it also features a sloped bottom that effectively channels water down, leaving no room for water pooling.

Secret #3: Most Sinks Chip Or Scratch...

iQuartz Hachi Sink

Interior Designer: AD.I.WRKS

While they look tough and heavy on the outside, you’d be surprised that many sinks are prone to unsightly chips and blemishes. For example, most ‘hard’ sinks - like composite granite, porcelain/iron-enamel and acrylic are solid, but they are also especially brittle and can easily chip on hard impact.

Secret #4: ... And Are Also Prone To Stains

iQuartz Hachi Sink


Likewise, tons of chemicals, substances and organic components come in contact with your sink on a daily basis. No prizes for guessing - reactions occur, leading to stubborn and unsightly stains! Materials like porcelain enamel, solid surface (e.g. Corian) and acrylic are most prone to such blemishes.

iQuartz Hachi Sink

Which is why stainless steel sinks remain the most popular option - it is as sturdy as other ‘hard’ materials like stone, and it doesn’t run the risk of chipping. Meanwhile, it is also heat and stain-resistant, and its metallic finish complements any type of style. iQuartz's Hachi Sink uses a top grade stainless steel finish that helps reduce the look of scratches and water stains.

Secret #5: Not All Sinks Match Your Countertop Material

iQuartz Hachi Sink

Interior Designer: Aart Boxx Interior

It’s not just about the look or functionality - your countertop material can restrict the type of sink that can be installed! For example, the type of countertop material counts; most laminates cannot handle the weight of under mount sinks and only top mounts can be installed.

iQuartz Hachi Sink

However, these problems don't apply with a flush mount sink! The Hachi sink is suited to all types of kitchen countertops, be it lightweight laminates, sturdy marble, granite or solid surfaces. The sink also comes with two sizes, so no matter your kitchen size, there’s one that would fit your needs.

Get A Sink That Solves It All

iQuartz Hachi Sink

Put your kitchen troubles to rest with the latest sink that’s built to beat them all - iQuartz’s Hachi Sink. Through years of research and development, iQuartz's Patent Pending flush-mount sink is the first of its kind in Singapore to specially combat the problems in popular top and under mount sinks, such as:

  • Algae and mould growth
  • Water retention
  • Unhygienic hidden corners
  • Water seepages due to silicon tears
  • Sink chipping
  • Sink staining and scratching
iQuartz Hachi Sink

The sink’s innovative flush-mount design seamlessly blends with any countertop material, leaving zero edges or gaps that might allow stray dirt or water to be trapped. Each piece is also made by hand, featuring a top-grade SUS 304 brushed stainless steel that’s sturdy and resistant to scratches or stains.

iQuartz Hachi Sink

Available in two sizes, Solo (650 X 420 X 203mm) and Couple (830 X 420 X 239mm), every Hachi sink is produced from a special mould, ensuring accurate, standardized sizing for the perfect fit. Find out more about iQuartz Hachi Sinks here.

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