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Can You Install a Sauna in Your HDB? We Asked an Expert

Yes, you CAN have a spa-like experience at home! Here’s what you need to know.

If you’ve ever visited a jjimjilbang or an onsen, you know that they are must-visit places. There’s just something so blissful about letting your weary bodies bask in the heat – so no one can blame you if you dream about having your very own sauna at home.

Well, what if we told you that it’s possible? Steam showers and sauna cabins can actually be installed really easily in your own home, which means no more sharing tiny rooms with random, bare-bodied strangers. To find out more about these products, we spoke to Water + Plants Lab, the owner of, who are experts in the area of home steam and sauna baths.

Sauna cabins, infrared saunas, and steam showers – could you briefly tell us their features, and how they differ?

Sauna in HDB flats
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Water + Plants Lab (W+P): Sauna cabins typically use convection heat, where the steam is created by water being splashed over heated stones. The sauna heaters used within these cabins typically use electricity (or, in traditional cabins, wood) to heat up the stones.

Infrared cabins are a newer invention – they’re equipped with radiation heat panels to raise the core body temperature directly. The heat produced by these panels penetrate the muscle tissue better, and are much gentler than dry heat and steam!

On the other hand, steam rooms or showers involve moist heat, which typically comes from the steam produced from a water-filled generator. As such, you can expect it to feel much more humid than the other two types, but with lower temperatures of 40-55°C.

SaunaInfrared cabinsSteam showers
Dry heat: uses electricity, wood, and rocks to generate convection heatDry heat: uses infrared radiation heatMoist heat: uses steam produced by a water-filled generator
60-120°C, 10-30% humidity50-60°C, <10% humidity40-55°C, 100% humidity

How is using these products at home different from going to a commercial spa?
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W+P: It’s a convenient and private alternative to a commercial spa. You don’t have to go out or book appointments beforehand, or share the space with anybody. It’s a nice, private place for you to unwind after a long day at work.

Plus, these home spas are completely customisable. By this, we mean that you can include personalised functionalities like aromatherapy, mood lighting, and even music. For instance, our SAWO Infrared Cabins come complete with mood lights and in-built Bluetooth speakers, and our steam heads have a little pocket that you can pour your favourite essential oils into.

Majority of Qanvast users (and Singaporeans in general) live in HDB flats. Will sauna cabins and steam showers be able to fit in such tight spaces?

Infrared cabin Singapore
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W+P: A lot of people think you need a large space to install a steam or sauna room, but that’s actually not true! Each product requires different dimensions, but for HDBs in general, we’d recommend an infrared cabin as it takes up a smaller space and uses a normal home power point. Steam showers are also a good option, since it can be built into your normal shower cubicle.

During the renovation process, homeowners should consider installing floor to ceiling panels made out of glass or acrylic to contain the heat. We’d also recommend non-slip tiles or stone for the floor, as well as waterproof ceiling panels made out of materials like glass, tiles or acrylic for maximum safety and heat retention.

Does handle renovation/retrofitting (at homeowner’s cost)? Is the renovation/retrofitting process complicated?

Steam Shower Singapore
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W+P: For the customer’s convenience, we can make arrangements for retrofitting work by a third party. Alternatively, we can also work with the homeowner’s contractor and ID by providing them with the retrofitting specifications for the right fit.

What is your estimated price range for your products?

W+P: Prices vary depending on factors like size, add-ons, and the customer’s preferences, so it’s hard to nail down an exact price. Prices (excluding retrofitting/renovation cost) start from $4,000.

While this may seem hefty at first glance, just remember that you and your loved ones can use it for an unlimited number of times. And considering that you’ll get all the health benefits in the comfort, privacy, and safety of your own home, we can assure you that it’s well worth the price.

Is there any regular post-installation servicing required? Also, how should homeowners maintain their steam showers and sauna cabins?

Sauna in HDB flats
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W+P: We understand that this is a niche product, which is why we offer a 15-month warranty period for the equipment and systems.

As with electrical systems like air-conditioners, homeowners are encouraged to have the equipment and systems serviced every 6 months. We offer maintenance packages as well as ad hoc servicing to best suit our customers.

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