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Consider These 4 Factors Before Buying a Laundry Appliance

It’s the truth: not every laundry appliance is created the same – some are capable of handling heavier loads while others make washing clothes a quick, fuss-free affair. So, with these many features, what exactly then should you prioritise when shopping for a new washer or dryer?

The simple answer is “your needs”, which is why we put together this handy list of questions to better prepare you for future trips to the home appliance store.

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Question 1: How much laundry do I have to handle?

When it comes to choosing a washing machine or dryer, the first thing to consider is how much laundry that you are dealing with; doing so will help you decide what drum capacity will suit your needs best.

To give you an idea, a family of three would probably need machines that can handle loads of at least 7kg, which is about 2 pairs of adult jeans, 1 pair of children’s jeans and 3 shirts (or a ridiculous 35 t-shirts). Need something larger or smaller? Then you will be glad to know that the typical range of drum capacities for home-use machines is 5-18kg, which means you won’t have to worry about a lack of options.

It may also be useful to consider what your largest single load of laundry looks like (e.g. an entire bedding set) because hefty fabrics often take up a whole washing/drying cycle on their own.

Question 2: How much space do I have?

It should go without saying, but it bears repeating: the higher the capacity of your washer or dryer, the bigger it is going to be – this brings us to another important factor to consider, which is the amount of space that you have at home.

If space is an issue, consider getting a washer-dryer combo that combines a washing machine and dryer into a single cabinet. Otherwise, a pair of stacked units will work if you have a sufficiently tall ceiling.

buying washing machine LG styler
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Question 3: Is noise going to be an issue?

When you have a machine that is spinning as fast as 1,200 rounds per minute, it’s probably impossible for it to run silently. But if you ever find yourself facing such a situation, the simplest solution would then be to go shopping for a quieter washer.

In which case, keep an eye out for models with built-in systems or direct drive motors that promise smoother drum movement or vibration reduction. Otherwise, you may wish to consider machines that offer a slower, but quieter wash cycle.

Question 4: What type of clothes am I dealing with?

Anyone who does the laundry knows that mixing clothes with different cleaning requirements into the same load is a big no-no. Aside from running the risk of dyes seeping from darker clothing into lighter ones, there is also a chance that delicate items like chiffon dresses and satin cushion covers will end up getting damaged.

That said, it isn’t enough to separate your laundry into the right piles. For optimum results, you will need the right cycles or programmes as these will ensure your washer and dryer are operating at the best temperature and speed for your fabrics.

Some common pre-sets include regular, sanitary (for extra dirty items) and delicate, but do keep a lookout for speciality cycles as they provide extra flexibility for when you need them.

A Choice to Consider: The LG Styler

So with the help of these shopping tips, you are now capable of finding the right washer and/or dryer for your needs, but what if you need a way to freshen up your clothes without the hassle of going through the entire laundry cycle?

That’s where the LG Styler comes into play. While it isn’t a conventional laundry appliance, the Styler certainly offers plenty of convenience as it can perform select functions of washers and dryers with little hassle.

buying washing machine LG styler
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Think of it as a light dry-cleaning service that you can use anytime you wish. Just put in any clothes or textile items, like soft toys or pillows, that you wish to refresh into the Styler, input your desired settings, and let the hot steam get rid of both unsightly wrinkles and unwanted odours.

buying washing machine LG styler
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Oh, and did we mention that the Styler doesn’t require any plumbing to work? This means unlike a washer, you are free to place it in any spot at home as you please, be it a bedroom, balcony or walk-in wardrobe. Just top up the Styler’s water container every now-and-then, and you are good to go.

For those with sensitive airways, the Styler can prove to be an invaluable aid as well. Thanks to its sanitary cycle that uses hot steam, the Styler is capable of removing allergens from clothes, bedding and even delicate fabrics. Combine this function with a unique hanging bar that shakes down any clothing inside and you get a unique way to keep your clothes smelling fresh throughout the week.

Also, check out our in-depth review of the LG Styler!

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