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Cook Your Entire Dinner with Tefal's Induction Rice Cooker

Pro-tip: Ditch the saucepan. Get a rice cooker.

Rice might be a staple but cooking it perfectly can be considered an art. Too much water and can end up mushed, too little water and it’ll burn. It’s just that hard to nail down. Of course, getting fluffy rice can be as easy as one, two, three – provided that you have the right rice cooker, and remember to wash the rice before cooking.

where to buy rice cooker singapore
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Source: Tefal

That’s where Tefal’s RK7621 Induction Heating Express Rice Cooker comes in. It ensures an efficient cook time and perfect results, regardless of the type of grain. More on this indispensable find and how owning one can make your life easier below!

1. 12 auto-cooking programmes to cook rice, and more

You can’t prepare all rice the same way. After all, cooking times do differ depending on the grain.

Tefal’s RK7621 Induction Heating Express Rice Cooker makes preparation foolproof. With 12 options, you can use it to cook a variety of rice – white, brown, Japanese short-grains, you name it – and get perfect results. Just remember to get the water-to-rice ratio right, and you’re pretty much set!

where to buy rice cooker singapore
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Of course, there’s only so much rice you can consume without getting tired of it. And that’s why we think this compact machine is a step above the rest. Aside from cooking rice, you can shake things up and use it to put together a variety of dishes including mapo tofu, and kimchi stew!

2. Cook 2 cups of rice under 20 minutes

Understandably, most of us don’t have the luxury of time to cook. Therefore, it’s all the more important for us to find a rice cooker that whittles down the waiting time.

where to buy rice cooker singapore
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And Tefal’s RK7621 Induction Heating Express Rice Cooker has that in the bag too. Its ExpressCook Technology accelerates cooking time by “injecting” fresh air inside the pot for a continuous boil. Because of the constant heat, it’s capable of cooking two cups of Jasmine rice in a mere 20 minutes* – that’s a lot of time saved, which can be used to dice up your spring onions for egg fried rice!

*Shorter waiting time compared to older Tefal fuzzy logic models that take up to 40-45 minutes.

3. Your rice is evenly cooked, and tastier!

Ask any chef and they’ll tell you heat distribution matters in getting tasty rice with the perfect texture. Tefal’s newest rice cooker makes it attainable with its Induction Heating Technology. With this, you can exert more control over temperature, but also cook time. And it does so for all its cooking programmes as well.

where to buy rice cooker singapore
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Even its cooking pot has been designed to bring you optimal results. Bent at a 62° angle, the spherical shape allows for homogeneous cooking. It’s non-stick too so you definitely won’t be getting any charred bits, just evenly cooked rice throughout.

where to buy rice cooker singapore
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Getting fluffy rice isn’t rocket science!

With Tefal’s RK7621 Induction Heating Express Rice Cooker, you can cook all kinds of rice perfectly, and even egg fried rice the correct way (as certified by Uncle Roger). Just set it, and it’ll do the rest for you. Foolproof and efficient, what’s not to love?

Now available at all major retailers for $299

Browse www.tefal.com.sg for their full catalogue of state-of-the-art household essentials.

While stocks last. Disclaimer: Prices are accurate at the time of writing.

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