Cool Workplaces in Singapore That Everyone Wants To Work In 21

Cool Workplaces in Singapore That Everyone Wants To Work In

October 1, 2015

A well-designed workplace not only wows clients who step in, but is also a definite mood-lifter that will chase the Monday blues away! Working in a thoughtfully designed and pleasant environment helps to boost productivity, put employees in a good mood, and make a long day at work seem less dreary.

1. Delightfully eclectic and open, we’d kill to have a pantry like that. It simply oozes café chic and creates an inviting atmosphere ripe for drinking and mingling. We love the little touches of Lazada’s brand name that pop up here and there, as seen in the creative bookshelf shaped like giant alphabets.

Interior Designer: DISTINCTidENITY
Location: Lazada Office

2. Stripped down but still retaining an artistic air, this industrial-inspired workplace possesses a raw look that touches us with its beautiful simplicity. The uncluttered and serene vibe of this workplace makes it ideal for employees to work with a clear mind, letting the ideas flow without interruption.

Architect: OWMF Architecture
Location: Shophouse

3. This is a workplace designed with the wellbeing of its employees in mind, and it shows. Employees can punch their frustrations out in the recreation room or grab some fresh air at the balcony that’s connected to the pantry (where all the snacks are!). The woody, back-to-nature-inspired workspace helps to keep stress levels down, which is always useful!

Interior Designer: Xprado
Location HSL Waterfront Headquarter

4. It’s a jungle in the office, and we say it in with envy in our eyes. It’s an invasion of the best kind – the over-spilling of rich, green lushness that perks anyone up when things get dull in the office. Don’t be surprised if you find a colleague hollering like Tarzan in the middle of a meeting – the jungle fever got to him.

Architect: AgFacadesign Architects
Location: Cecil Street

5. This amazing workspace may appear utilitarian with its neat rows of work desks at first glance, but it sure knows how to surprise. Offbeat choices in furnishings and colours add oodles of character to it, and we love how unapologetically ostentatious the Red Room of Pain Knowledge and black tiled washroom are.

Architect: Ministry of Design
Location: BBH Singapore

6. It must have been a challenge to design a space with both humans and felines in mind, but Linear Space Concepts deserves a treat for a job well done. Not only is this cat café a dream playground for the furry ones to display their acrobatic prowess, café guests can also relax and enjoy the company of their whiskered companions in a calm yet vibrant environment.

Interior Designer: Linear Space Concepts
Location: The Cat Cafe

If your workplace does none of these for you, perhaps it’s time for a renovation makeover. Get inspired by the phenomenal workplaces in this list, but first check out some handy tips for a successful workplace renovation below!

  • Set a style goal. What do you envision your office to look like? Would you like a workplace that reflects your brand or business values, or is it more important to create a cosy office that sets clients and workers at ease? Deciding on the style goals will be a good first step towards a better office. When working with the interior designer, ensure that the renovation timeline is kept in check as any delays may affect the business, which is always a no-no.

  • Avoid being overly ambitious. Want to renovate a large office building or space? Don’t be overly ambitious and renovate the entire place all at once. Plan the renovation process and cover areas in a systematic manner so as not to affect productivity and workflow.

  • Make anything workable work for you. Unless your entire office is falling apart, there’s no need to tear everything down to make way for something new. Work with what you have, and with a little bit of creativity, you can save yourself some renovation money.

  • Seek design inspiration. This one’s the easiest, and you can start by looking at the sweet office spaces listed below.

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