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Create a Mini Retreat at Home With These Furniture Pieces

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Whether you’re camping out in the balcony or chilling by the pool, there’s no better way to spend a laidback Sunday afternoon than some fun in the sun. With summer all year round in Singapore, it’s the perfect opportunity to give your outdoor spaces a warm-weather refresh. Here are some stylish furniture picks from Boulevard Outdoor Inspirations to transform your backyard into a soiree-worthy retreat!

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For the garden

If your garden is a bit on the small side, compact garden furniture like the Zeus Table with Volos 2 Seater Set is your go-to for a simple and functional seat setup. This one comes with stackable chairs to free up more space, and it’s comfy enough without the need for any cushions. You can also consider multifunctional pieces such as the Patong Bench, which can be used as a planter while doubling up as a nifty storage solution.

If you just want it to be an area of relaxation, the Neola Swing with Roof will make a stylish addition to your garden – great for days when you feel like kicking up your feet and swinging the afternoon away.

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Left: Neola Swing with Roof | Top right: Zeus Table with Volos 2 Seater Set | Bottom right: Patong Bench

For the balcony

A balcony may not seem like the biggest of outdoor spaces, but you can effectively maximise each and every inch of this light-filled nook with some unique design tweaks. Besides using it as a laundry room or other practical purposes, why not transform it into a chill hangout area?

Go alfresco by turning it into a nice breakfast corner with the Vaan Breakfast Set, or convert it into a cosy reading spot with a view with the Dior III Hanging Chair. For a more intimate setting, a simple setup of a small side table and two comfy chairs like the Agios Balcony Set is all you need for long conversations under the stars.

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Left: Dior III Hanging Chair | Top right: Vaan Breakfast Set | Bottom right: Agios Balcony Set

For the patio

While most high-rise apartments in Singapore typically have a balcony, some of you may be lucky enough to have a patio – which is usually situated on the ground level. If you enjoy hosting friends or family, a patio makes for the ideal entertaining spot when you have guests over.

You can’t go wrong with a snug lounge set like the Seychelles Lounge Set, but if you want more seating options, the Rhodes Rectangular Dining Set can easily accommodate larger groups for gatherings. Or you can go all-out with the epitome of outdoor luxury: the oh-so-majestic Cabana, which exudes a Bali-inspired feel with its upholstered benches, curtains and clear roof.

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Left: Cabana | Top right: Seychelles Lounge Set | Bottom right: Rhodes Rectangular Dining Set

For the poolside

There’s nothing more refreshing than dip in the pool on a hot summer day, and even better when you have a dazzling swimming pool in your very own backyard! Having a patio by the poolside welcomes a plethora of outdoor entertaining options, both for daytime fun and evening occasions.

One thing to take note of is to invest in furniture pieces that are water-resistant and capable of withstanding Singapore’s hot climate. The Sadao Sun Lounger, coupled with the Samet Side Table, creates the perfect setting for you to soak in the morning sun without worrying about the elements – all thanks to its weatherproof capabilities. Don’t forget to install a handy pool shade like the Finey Center Pole Parasol to shield you from the harsh rays!

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Left: Finey Center Pole Parasol | Top right: Sadao Sun Lounger | Bottom right: Samet Side Table

Your outdoor gatherings will never be the same again with Boulevard's line of trendy yet ultra-functional outdoor furniture. From comfy loungers to chic dining sets, there are plenty of styles to choose from to fit your space, taste and budget. Shop the entire catalogue at www.boulevard outdoor furniture.com!

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