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Designer Spotlight: D5 Studio image

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When it comes to hiring an interior design firm, all homeowners will definitely want a firm that is reliable and which they can count upon to advise them on what works best for their home. That is where D5 Studio Image comes in. Priding themselves on being patient and responsible, the team at D5 Studio Image will even burn midnight oil to keep to the project deadline. Taking some time out from their busy schedule, we met up with D5 who shared with us some foolproof interior design tips and about their most challenging project yet.

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Qanvast: Tell us more about your firm.

D5: D5 Studio Image has been in the market for more than 10 years, and we have grown to a 10-men team.

Patience and responsibility are the core values that we cultivate in our team of designers. When faced with difficult jobs, these two values will help see them through the challenges. While on the job, they also gain experience and exposure to different styles of design.

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Qanvast: Share with us a challenging project you have completed.

D5: Every project presents a different set of challenges. The most difficult one would be commercial projects. We had a project where we worked in a shopping mall and we had to liaise with the owner, the sponsors and the mall management. The key to working on this project is patience as there were tons of meetings with the various parties. Once we had a clear idea on what was required, we brainstormed and put together all the ideas with the given budget. The design conceptualisation phase took us three months!

When we started work, we had to work around the clock to meet the tight deadline. There were many sleepless nights as we spent most of the time at the work site. With careful coordination and planning, the project implementation turned out to be a success.

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Qanvast: When it comes to renovation, what are some areas / aspects homeowners neglect?

D5: Homeowners need to bear in mind that it is important to come up with a sustainable home design that caters to their habits and lifestyle. No matter how stylish a place is after renovation, without the proper maintenance, the stylish effect will not last.

Qanvast: In your opinion, what decor trend will be prevalent next year?

D5: I think the raw, unfinished look will continue to stay popular. Homeowners still love the trend although they try to soften and ‘warm up’ the look with wood furnishings.

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Qanvast: Often, the bedroom is an area where we need storage. Give us 3 tips to maximise the space in the bedroom.

D5: First, you can affix shelves to high areas on the wall to give the illusion of a higher ceiling. Next, playing with lighting, mirrors and different shades of the same colour is a great way to create depth. Also, opting for furniture with exposed legs or positioning rugs in small areas help to create visual space.

About D5 Studio Image

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• Won the ‘Singapore Outstanding Enterprise’ in 2012 and nominated in Home+Living Magazine as ‘Singapore Top Interior Designers in 2012’.
• Completed more than 1,000 projects
• Years of experience: 15 years

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