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Designer Spotlight: Dap Atelier

First founded in 2015 by Design Director Daphne Tan, interior designer company Dap Atelier has stayed true to its initial founding philosophy and principles of high quality, original interior designs and professional service over the past five years.

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Why did you set up your company?

We wanted to break free from the industry stereotype that link renovation companies to just manual contractors and work. Our company focuses on interior designing as well, and this is a professional, skilled and technical expertise that many fail to acknowledge and associate with renovation companies.

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What do you think sets your designs, projects and service apart from other ID companies?

Our company places strong emphasis on originality. A home is special to a family and we want to make sure designs are catered to each. We never re-use designs for convenience’s sake or skimp; we want our customers and families to love the homes that we design.

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Do you specialize in certain design styles (e.g. Scandinavian, Industrial, etc.)?

Our designers are trained and skilled in tackling any design challenges and addressing the different needs of our customers. If we really had to choose, we have a flair for the industrial design style; our designers love this style and find it easy to conceptualize.

How do you and your team stay on trend with the fast-changing industry standards?

We prioritize on gathering feedback from our customers and holding detailed discussions with them before, during and after the renovation process. We want to address our customers’ concerns, requirements and ensure that they are happy with our work, and make necessary improvements to ensure our services are the best.

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How do you maintain high design and service standards in your team?

Stay humble. A fresh graduate can provide as much professional, technical and creative ideas and solutions as a senior designer or even a design director. At our company, everyone is always learning and striving to improve themselves professionally – we are always looking and moving forward.

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What should a homeowner look out for in an ID?

Professionalism, the willingness to listen and chemistry. It is important to remember as interior designers, that our customers’ needs and wishes come first. It is their homes that we are assisting to create, and thus an interior designer should not be offended when an idea is rejected, or be too preoccupied in trying to push an unwanted design to them. This is something that our company strongly believes in, and we always make sure that our customers are 100% pleased with our designs.

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What are the benefits of engaging an ID?

The single most significant benefit would be that you are tapping on the professional technical and creative expertise of an ID that has experience in visualizing and executing design ideas and designs for different homes. You may have a vague feel or idea of what you would want your home to look like, but not be exactly sure about the feasibility, final aesthetic and comfort level, the cost, or even pinpoint exactly what needs to be done. This is where we come in to advise you and ensure that you get your dream home.

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